58-Episode 58: Worried End

 This status.
 Leadership is high, and more than that, 103 intelligence is a super high level. At the moment, the number is over 100, which is higher than Roselle and Reetz.
 The military prowess is also 70, which is high for a woman whose magical aptitude is not outstandingly high. Probably because of this height as well as high athletic ability, this prowess is high.
 Her politics are low. Well, she certainly doesn't look like the type to be cooperative or anything like that.

 Status is good, good, but there's one thing that bothers me insanely.

 Ambition; it's 100.
 I thought 99 was a can-do for this one, but it has 100.
 This is a tremendous number. To be clear, I've never seen anyone so high.
 Even Lycia, who I was surprised to see so high, is 80. A 100, which is 20 higher than that........

 I just have a feeling that even if I'm on your side, you'll be betrayed eventually.

 Hmm, I'm in trouble.
 Clearly, this status is the person I want most.
 This level of intelligence. It's probably because of his age and the fact that he's experienced a lot of things before reaching this level. I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about the future, but at this point in time, Mireille's ability is superior to Roselle's.
 You can also learn a lot from Mireille. You can also expect her to serve as a teacher in place of Rietz.

 I think the benefits of having her as a vassal are great, but still, this high level of ambition.......

 Don't bother with this.

 If I wasn't in this situation, I would have easily turned it down...

 I may not be able to judge you completely on ambition alone, and I'll ask you a lot of questions about Mireille.

''If possible, I would like to learn more about your background.
A background. Fair enough. I mean, it's just an incredible thing to have a vassal who has no idea what he's doing.

 In my case, Rietz and Charlotte had invited me to become a vassal without knowing my identity, but now that I think about it, that might have been inadvertent.
 Well, I couldn't miss out on that many people, so that might have been a good idea at the time.

 Mireille talks about her background.

 It seems that he became a nobleman in Meesian and was also active in the war.
 I heard that he was very famous locally as a rare female lord, but I didn't know that.
 I'd have to question the authenticity of that. It's possible that I just hadn't heard of her because she was a lord from a much more distant place than where Lumberk is located in Meesian, so it's possible that I've just never heard of her. The period of time he was a lord was quite short, about a year or so, and the territory seemed to be as small as Lamberg, so even if he was only locally known, wouldn't it be strange if he only had local notoriety?

 With this ability value, perhaps if he had been a lord for a long time, he would have become a heroic figure known throughout Mythian, but he was exiled for some reason and is now.
 As for the reason, she herself had been given an unfairly difficult explanation, which she couldn't tell if it was a lie or the truth.

 Furthermore, she has a younger brother, which apparently puts her in a position of being Basamark's right hand man.

 Hearing that story, I remembered what the Clan had told me.
 The story is that Basamark's right hand man is a man named Thomas Grangeon. The Clan says that he has an extraordinary mind. Since Mireille's last name is Grangion, the man must be Mireille's brother.

 If that was true, then he should have some knowledge of the enemy's methods. On top of that, since he has this high level of intelligence, he's really a perfect person to be a military strategist.

 The fact that he was banished from the enemy's side for this story is worrisome.

 The fact that she became a woman to begin with means that her abilities must have been fairly highly regarded. The fact that they were going to kick her out means........

 I still think there's something wrong with you.

 I am a little troubled.

'I'm afraid to give Lady Ars an opinion on the hiring of that person, but it seems a bit risky coming from her. Perhaps I shouldn't.
What's the sense of danger?
''Hmm, I can't tell you specifically, but.......it's just a hunch. He says he was made difficult, but considering the fact that he was also kicked out by the enemy, there's a chance he's doing something....

 Reetz seems to disagree.

 I'll think carefully this time, too.

'Boy, I can't wait for you to answer me. It's pretty far between here and Arcantes, so I'm rather tired.

 Mireille will make me hurry.

 But if you don't hire him here, maybe he'll have an enemy on your side.
 It was a long time ago that Mireille was kicked out. The enemy who kicked him out once might also promote Mireille again in this situation.
 In that case, there's only a problem.

 Alright, let's make Mireille a vassal here.

 This is all the talent we have. It's a shame to let him get away with it.
 If there's a problem with his character, we just need to make good use of it.
 If you don't think you can handle it, then you can do something about it. It's a different story if you're going to marry like Lisia, but it's only going to make you a vassal.

''After researching, I found you to be an extremely talented person. I want you to become a vassal.''
Oh, really? You really do have an eye for people, don't you? That's what I came here with the intention of doing, so I'll be happy to be your vassal.

 Rietz said, "Are you sure you're okay? He listened impatiently.

'I'm sure she's a danger to me too, but there's no doubt she's a great asset. I've decided it's best to hire her here.
'Ummm ... well, I see. I see.

 I don't think he's completely convinced, but he's pulled back here.

 It was night, so I stayed the night and took Mireille back to the mansion.