60-Episode 60   Simulation

 The Loebent family regularly holds mock battles.

 Although the simulation is based on the assumption of a real battle, it can't be exactly the same as a real battle, since you can't kill soldiers during practice.

 The general rule is that the number of players, including the commander, is fifty-one against fifty-one.
 The situation is that the enemy has attacked the Lumberk and you are trying to hold them off in the field.

 This is why they are divided into an advancing force and a defending force.

 The attackers will march into the mansion from a distance, while the defenders will intercept the enemy on the plains near the village of Ramberg to stop the invasion.

 The victory is won by killing the enemy's commander or forcing him to surrender.

 There are thirty infantry, fifteen archers and five magicians.
 Cavalry is not used in mock battles.

 They are armed with wooden swords. If they are hit, it will be painful, but if they are properly equipped with protective gear, there is almost no risk of death.

 Bows are made of wood. The tip of the arrow is not pointed and is covered with a cloth soaked in red paint.

 This red paint is also applied to the wooden sword. The purpose of this is to determine if the attacker is in a fatal position. If an attack hits a position where it should not be, such as the head or chest, it is considered a kill shot and you are banned from acting.

 And magic, the use of fire magic is almost always dangerous, so it is prohibited to use it. You'll be able to use the same magic as the rest of the team, but you'll be able to use the same magic as the rest of the team, so it's not worth it. Therefore, there is no point in using it.

 Except for that and the sound and fire magic water, they are precious in Meesian, so they can't be used either.

 The only magic you can use is the sound attribute magic.
 There's very little sound magic that can be used to attack the enemy.
 However, there are many magic that are very important for delivering instructions and so on, so it is essential in battle.

 The captain of the defense team is Leets, and the captain of the invasion team is me. It's a strange feeling to go and attack your own mansion.

 In addition to me, Mireille is in the invasion force, and Roselle and Charlotte are in the defense force. By the way, Roselle has been doing something like a military strategist in a mock battle for a while now.

 It seems that the other side is stronger with Charlotte, but if it's only sound magic, Charlotte isn't that much of a threat. Well, I still feel like the other side is stronger than me, that's for sure.
 However, in a mock battle, some of them will be surrendered to me as the head of the family, so I can't simply compare the two.

 Mireille asked me to be in the same squad as me.

 He didn't say why, but probably because he thought that the soldiers would listen to his instructions if they were in the same invasion force as mine.

 Since the soldiers don't like Mireille, there is a possibility that they may ignore you, but if you take the form of advising me, that won't happen.

 For me as well, by placing them in my squad, I will be able to understand more about Mireille's abilities, which isn't a bad thing.

 Then two days passed, and it was the day to hold a mock battle.
 I was wondering what I would do if we were contacted by a military council during that time, but it didn't come, so we were able to do it without any problems.

 I, the invading force, was now away from Lumberg with fifty men.

 We would go to a point about a kilometer away from Lumberk and then attack.
 At first I thought that the invasion force was tired and at a disadvantage, but when you try it, you can't simply compare the two, as it's often quite advantageous to be on the offensive.

 Well, even if you're at a slight disadvantage, there's nothing wrong with that, since mock battles are not sports. How much do you do under unfavorable conditions? How do you do in favorable conditions is also something that should be tried in a simulated battle.

 On our way, I was talking with Mireille.

''Even though it's a mock battle, it's been quite a while since we've fought.
Is that so?
'You used to fight all the time, but hardly ever since you got kicked out. Have you had your first fight yet, my boy?
Not yet.

 I had never yet been to a real battle.

'Oh, really? Then you really are a little boy, aren't you? This mock battle is more like a joke than a real battle, isn't it? You should keep that in mind. Don't make the mistake of thinking that I'm used to fighting now.
I know that.
Okay. Well, you're a smart boy, so that's a stupid question.

 I've heard a few stories about actual warfare, and it seems to be a lot of work.
 Magic has come to be used, and it seems that in today's warfare, all sorts of magic is flying around the battlefield anyway.
 Since a huge amount of countermeasures have to be formulated against it, an existence like a military strategist is inevitably essential.
 This time, only sound magic will be used, but there are quite a few types of sound magic alone, so countermeasures are not straightforward.

 It is said that in the medieval wars on Earth, not many people died, but in this world's wars, people can die quite a bit in a single war. Well, in a skirmish, since they don't use high-powered magic, not many people die, but in a large-scale war, the death toll is usually in the tens of thousands.

 This is why there are very few instances of commanders going to the front lines to command. This is because there is a high probability of death if he goes to the front line. By the way, I heard that my father went to the front line and fought very hard. Even so, he continued to live, which was a tremendous achievement.

 At the place where the invasion team went, there was a hut. When they get there, they stop their advance.

''Well, I've come up with a few strategies, so I'll say them here and then we can get started.

 Mireille said.