61-Episode 61: Operation

'The only magic you can use is sound magic. Furthermore, if the catalyst machine that can be used is only medium-sized and the amount of magic water that can be used is 30M, there are only four types of magic that can be used. If that's the case, there's no need for such a complicated strategy.

 Mireille said that with a calm expression.

 The catalyst machine, which is an essential tool for using magic, comes in small, medium and large sizes.
 The small size is a catalyst machine about the size of a baseball that was used to test Charlotte's magic power before.
 The medium-sized catalyzer is about the size of a basketball.
 The large size is about the size of a balance ball and even bigger. Large size catalyzers are too heavy to carry, so we carried them on a cart. It would not be used in this mock battle. Rather, it was not deployed by the Loebent family.

 The larger it is, the more capacity it can hold for magic water. To use high-level magic, a large amount of magical water is needed. The large catalyzer is used for that purpose.

 By the way, the magic water is counted in M units.
 The number of magical water in a small catalyzer is 3M. Each squadron could only use up to 30M in a mock battle. You can't use more than that due to financial problems.

''The four types of magic we can use this time would be Hyper Voice, Rumble, Transmit and Trap Sound.

 The effect of each magic is.

 Hypervoice (making the user's voice louder for a certain amount of time)
 Rumble (creating an anxiety-provoking roar)
 Transmit (sends a sound to a specific catalyst machine. The receiving number must be engraved on the catalyst machine. Complex sounds, such as human speech, cannot be sent. (The distance that can be sent depends on the strength of the magic user)
 Trap sound (a roaring sound when someone walks by the place you set up)

 These are the only four available for the medium-sized catalyst machine.

 Each has a consumption M of 2 for Hypervoice, 3 for Rumble, 3 for Transmit, and 10 for Trap Sound.

 Hypervoice and Transmitters play a major role in communicating information in battle.
 Trap Sound can be used to alert you to the enemy's approach if you set them in your surroundings.
 Rumble is the only magic that is not very useful.

'The enemy is going to catch us by surprise.

 Surprise attacks are a common practice in mock battles like this one.

 If the defenders tried to defend from the initial position, they would find themselves in a situation where their location would be known from the start. Inevitably, they will be the first to go down.
 If you fall behind in a battle, you will be at a disadvantage. If you have the same number of troops, it could be the difference between victory and defeat.

 If you attack by surprise, you can fight with an overwhelming advantage without falling behind. Even if you can't take them by surprise, at least you won't be on the back foot.

 Although it seems to be all advantages, there are also disadvantages.
 The conditions for victory in this mock battle are that the enemy's captain must be taken out or surrendered, and furthermore, the defenders will lose if they allow more than thirty invasion troops to arrive in Lumberg.
 The invasion force loses if they can't meet the conditions for victory before nightfall.

 If they carelessly move from their initial position and are able to get through to the Lumberk, the defense team loses.

 Right now, there is only one maintained road from our location to the Lumberg, but with this number of men, it is possible to march down the roadless road to the Lumberg. So it is not easy to predict the route of the invasion force's advance.

 The first step in a successful surprise attack is to send out scouts to observe the enemy's movements and then tell them how they are moving through the transmitters, and then predict the enemy's advance route and deploy troops.

''Well, against those Leets, it would be easy to pull off a successful surprise attack if they were marching normally.
'I'm sure you will, but you appreciate the leets quite a bit,'
I'm a good judge of people to a certain extent. It's a good thing that I'm a good judge of people, and very smart. ─ I'm a bit of a flaw in that I'm too serious. People often say that Marcas are inferior to other people, but you can see that's not true. Did you see the talent in Reetz and made him your vassal?
The boy's abilities must be quite impressive. It's just that life is always bad in the Empire, no matter where you go. The same was true of Rietz before he was made a vassal, wasn't it?

 The first time it was there, Rietz had lost his place to go and was about to fall down.
 However, he had been a member of a mercenary group before that and was able to live, so he may be in a better situation than expected among the Marcas.

'Only, Rietz would make a talented general, but the other aspiring warrior boy, Roselle, unfortunately isn't cut out to be a warlord.
...Is that so?
'Unsuited' is not the right word. The correct answer is that you won't be a top-notch military strategist. It is true that he is extremely intelligent, but that is not enough for a good strategist. You need to have ideas that are absolutely unreadable to the enemy. That boy seems to lack that.

 At least that's what Roselle would appear to be from Mireille, who has a considerable amount of intelligence.
 However, Roselle's intellect limit, as indicated in my appraisal, is 109. If we believe that, then Roselle is not suited to be a military strategist and who is.
 I don't know if Mireille has an eye for people, and let's just assume that she's just misjudging Roselle here.

'Oh, by the way, I've heard complaints from Roselle that she teaches weirdly, but is that because she thinks she's not talented?
'Part of it is that I don't really like teaching people things. Still, there are times when I feel like I have a real talent for it.
'I see. Then maybe one of these days you'll want to teach Roselle.
You have a lot of faith in your own abilities, don't you, little man?

 Mireille smiled.

'I think we're getting off track. We'd better act as soon as possible. What's Mireille's plan?'
'It's not that complicated. We can get someone here to pretend to betray us to the enemy, then send them underneath us and give them false information to lead the enemy into a surprise attack.
"...would you believe it? If you betray me, then you're betraying me this time, aren't you?
Well, there's a lot of secrets to that.

 Mireille told us all about the operation.

''Sure ... then those two might be fooled too ...''
Okay. Okay, we need to decide who to send as soon as possible.

 I chose the men to betray me, and the plan was carried out.