64-Episode 64 Departure

 A few days have passed since the mock battle.
 I received a letter from the Clan asking me to come, as a military council was about to begin.
 The location is Sempraa, the Clan's home base.

 Sempler is in the south of the province of Meesian, in the southeast direction as seen from Lumberk.
 I've never been there, so I don't know exactly, but it will take at least ten days to arrive.

 Hurry up and get ready to leave.
 We decided to head out with Rietz, Roselle, and Mireille, who will serve as our military strategist, and some of our guards, including Charlotte.

 The method of transportation is by carriage. Since it takes time, you need to bring more luggage with you. Then the best means of transportation was a carriage.

'Then let's head to Sempra.

 With our preparations completely finished, we headed to the Sempraer.


 The road to Sempler was not so steep as it went on flat ground.
 The road itself was easy, but we were attacked by wildebeest a few times when we left Lumberg.
 When we were moving through Canale County, we didn't get attacked by wild thieves at all. Either Canale was safe, or he was lucky, or they thought he was riding in a carriage and looked like he had money.

 The burglars themselves had been easily driven away by Charlotte.
 Basically, if you see someone using magic, you see a bad minute and run away, or if you fire one shot, they usually run away. Charlotte is able to adjust the power of her magic, so she didn't cause a huge explosion when she shot with all her might, but instead fired a warning shot to drive them away.
 Even so, sometimes there were still those who couldn't make the threats work, so I killed them.

 I hadn't seen a dead person since my father had put a criminal to death.
 I had seen it once, so I wasn't as upset as I was then, but I still felt bad.
 I'll have to get used to it now.

 A few days have passed since we left.

'Hey, can you do something about that kid?

 Mireille said so. She has a look of being very troubled.
 Mireille is the one who annoys people, but unusually, she seems to be annoyed by someone else.

''Who is that girl?''
'It's Roselle, Roselle's boy. I've been asking a lot of questions since that day.

 Although the evaluation of Mireille from the vassals didn't go up as much as expected at the end of the mock battle, the evaluation from Roselle seemed to have increased significantly.
 Originally, Roselle was suspicious of Mireille's abilities and disliked her hair, but she began to actively ask questions.
 Mireille, who used to say she hated teaching, seems to have no choice but to answer when asked persistently.

 Perhaps because of this, Roselle's intelligence, which hadn't risen in a long time, has risen by 2 in this short period of time.
 It is now 93. I thought Rosell's growth had stopped because of his lack of experience, but maybe what he lacked was a leader. Rietz also had a high level of intelligence, but once he got to a certain point, he no longer had anything to teach due to Roselle's ability and felt like an equal, so Mireille, who had the intelligence and even more experience that was superior at the moment, would have been a good teacher.

 Well, Mireille seems to be annoyed, but let's ask him to be patient here.

''I'm sorry, but tell me what you're asked. It's for Roselle's sake, you know.
'Oh, all right. And I don't want to be exiled. And boy, you're right, I'm just starting to get the feeling that Roselle has a talent for military leadership...
Is that so?
'Yeah. I have some unusual ideas. In addition, your ability to understand and think more clearly is much greater than I thought. I'm not sure if I'm gifted, but it's possible that I'm wrong.
Then why don't you tell me?
There are limits. He'll keep asking me about it without a break. He's just a kid, so I can't push him, and even if I try to convince him, he's surprisingly stubborn, so I'm in trouble.

 He seems to be having trouble handling it rather seriously. Maybe he's the type of person who is baffled by being groped.
 Anyway, the fact that Roselle is trying to learn from Mireille can be seen as a good trend. I hope that Roselle's wisdom will continue to grow steadily.

 And a few days later we arrived at Sempraa.