65-Episode 65 Semplar

 Sempra is a city facing the sea.
 The city was surrounded by walls. Unlike Canale, there is no part of the city that is not surrounded by walls. Since it is a new wall, we can assume that it was built recently.

 From the gate into the city, one could see the sea.
 In my previous life, I was not born in an ocean-less prefecture in Japan, so I have seen the sea many times.
 However, this is the first time I've witnessed the ocean since I came to this world.
 Well, even though it's a different world, an ocean is an ocean. There is not much difference.
 The color is also blue. The smell of salt and the pleasant sound of the waves. None of it is the same.

"Why is there so much water in here?

 Charlotte has a strange look on her face, as if she's never seen the ocean before.

'It's called the ocean. I've never seen it before, but it looks really big. I don't know how far it goes, I have no idea how far it goes.

 Roselle is looking at the ocean for the first time, as if she is impressed by it.

''But with all this water, I guess we won't have much trouble finding water to drink.
'Charlotte, you can't drink the sea water because it contains a lot of salt. If you drink it, it will make you thirsty in reverse.
'What? Then this is useless.
Not in vain.

 What a fearful thing to call the sea a waste.

 I stopped to look at the sea for the first time in a long time, and entered the Sempraer.

 There was a gatekeeper, but not particularly rigorously examined, we were able to get in.

 Sempraa may have been more populated, but there were clearly more people on the streets than in Canale.

 I was not that surprised by the number of people on the streets, as I had experience in my previous life, but Roselle, Charlotte, and others were surprised by the number of people on the streets.

'Sempra is the second largest city in Meesian as far as population is concerned,'

 Reetz explains.

 The number one is probably Alcantes and number two is Sempra.

 Not only are there a lot of people, but the activity is amazing.
 There are stalls lined up on the side of the road, and they are loudly promoting their wares to customers.

 There are a variety of things that seem to be rare and interesting, but this time I did not come to shop, naturally I did not buy or buy.

 At the far end of the town, we can see a big castle.
 It is Sempra Castle. This is the place where the military council is held.
 Normally, we would have liked to look around, but we headed to Sempra Castle in a straight line.

 There was another wall at the back of the castle.
 It is an old rampart. Originally, it may have been just this wall, just like Canale, but recently, the outside wall must have been built as well.
 If you think about it, Canale is so close to the enemy's Saitu Province that it is extremely imprudent with its current defenses. Well, it wouldn't be easy to build the wall, as it would take time and money to build it.

 It seems that a pass is needed to get past the walls inside. The letter from the clan was written in lieu of a pass, so I showed it to the gatekeeper. I was able to pass through immediately.

 Inside the second wall, there were well-dressed people walking around, and the houses all looked elegant and expensive. Perhaps they are inhabited by those who have money.

 When I arrived at the castle, there was a gatekeeper once again, I showed him the letter and we were able to enter.

 Sempra Castle seemed even bigger up close. At least it is definitely bigger than Canale Castle. Not only is it big, but it is also entirely gold-colored.
 They might have gilded it or something. I've seen several castles, but this is the first time I've seen a gold-colored castle. I wondered if this was a taste of the Clan. I wonder if it's been like this for a long time.
 I don't like to be too gilded, because it feels tacky, but maybe it's a straightforward way to show power.

'We have been expecting you, Lord Ars Rovent. I am pleased to escort you to my Lord Clan.

 With that, we were greeted by Robinson, whom we had met earlier when we spoke to the Clan.

 We returned the greeting and followed Robinson's lead.

 The interior of the castle was quite luxurious. The carpets were red and the walls were as gold as the outside.
 Several statues made of gold and jewels have been erected in the castle.

 I was amazed at how much gold they had.

 Then a man wearing pitch black armor walked in front of me.
 He is a man with a well-formed face, estimated to be in his late twenties.
 It's hard to put into words, but I felt an aura of being not just a man or something like that on my skin.

 When the man looked at me with a sidelong glance, he passed by without saying a word.

''........Could it be that the person just now is from the Maitreau mercenary group?''

 Rietz asks.

'Yes, this is the Commander of the Maitreau Mercenary Corps, Klamant Maitreau III.

 When I say the Maitreau Mercenaries, you mean the most powerful mercenary group that the Clan has hired?
 I failed to appraise them, so I'll appraise them next time I see them.

 Robinson will show me around. It's a large, high castle, and the clan seems to be on the upper floor, so we go up the stairs many times.

"The Clan is in this room, sir.

 When I was tired of being walked around a lot, I finally arrived in front of the room with the Clan.