66-Chapter 66: Meeting

Welcome, Ars.

 The Clan greeted me as I entered the room.

'Looks like you've brought your men in properly. I have high hopes for you.
Yes, sir.
Hmm, so this is the Markan who's so good at what he does, Mr. Rietz?

 The Clan looks at Reetz.

'I am honoured that you remember my name. My name is Rietz Muesse.
He seems like a very nice young man. The boy beside you is about the same age as Ars? Is the boy a military officer too?
Yes, the talent itself is one of the best I've ever met.

 Looking extremely nervous, Roselle greeted him.
 The Clan's dress shows the full extent of being a noble person, so it's not surprising that they are nervous.

''That's something to look forward to, isn't it? And the girl beside you? Looks like a magician's soldier to me.
'Oh, she is Charlotte Wraith, whom I brought in as an escort. Charlotte is a highly gifted magical soldier, and we were attacked a few times by wildlings, but she drove them away.
Hi, Uncle.

 Charlotte gave a ridiculously rude greeting.

'Sha, Charlotte! That's rude! It's Master Clan!
Ha-ha, fine. I'm probably an uncle to a youngster.

 The Clan seemed like a big person, and they laughed and forgave me, but it chilled my liver, totally.

'Maybe that's the girl Lemayle told me about, the one who uses amazing magic. And yet the other one is...

 The Clan's gaze fell on Mireille.
 Then his expression changed drastically.

''Oh, you! Mireille?!

 He seemed to know.
 No, it's not surprising that he knew. Because in the past, Mireille was such a nobleman that he had a fiefdom.

 ........Wait a minute. Didn't you say that Mireille was exiled? He said himself that the reason was that he was made difficult to do, but considering Mireille's character, it's obvious that he was exiled for causing some kind of problem.
 I can't say for sure because I don't know what it was that he did, but in some cases, it was a bad idea to bring him here, wasn't it?

 But if you know Mireille, then you know that she is capable and also a brother to one of the enemy's military strategists.
 The Clan would have made the decision to use Mireille as a military strategist, even if they were willing to take the risk.

It's something.
I'm sure you're an excellent strategist. But there are a few problems. Ars, how much do you know about this woman's background?

 I was asked, and I told him everything I knew about Mireille.

'Yes. This woman is the sister of an enemy warlord. Besides, she must have been on good terms with Basamark to begin with. We cannot rule out the possibility that she is a secret agent of the enemy.
'In case you're wondering, I've never been on good terms with Basamark. I was just using him. I've had nothing but resentment towards him since he was exiled.

 Apparently Basamark had a lot to do with Mireille's expulsion.

'And if you're a secret agent, why do you work for the Loebent family? I was even surprised to hear that the weak aristocratic House of Rovent was going to meet you for some reason.
'Surely you have a point...'

 I wouldn't be meeting with the Clan, if I were a weak nobleman. It wouldn't have made much sense for me to serve her as a secret agent.

 If she was a secret agent, she would go to serve the Clan directly, or a few more powerful nobles.

 The Clan crossed their arms and pondered, seemingly weighing the advantages and disadvantages of allowing Mireille's presence.

''Ars, how long have you had Mireille as your vassal?''
About a month.
What was Mireille like at the Loebent household?

 I told him in detail how Mireille was serving.
 I told him that he often skipped work, drank too much, and caused all sorts of problems and was disliked by his vassals.
 As I was telling the story, I thought it was a strange thing to do, but it was a strange thing to do to be a secret agent.
 Normally, he would be desperate to be trusted. Well, it wouldn't be strange if it wasn't a secret agent.

''Although that's not enough to confirm it, there seems to be a high probability that Mireille is not a secret agent. The problem is that there's going to be a huge backlash from the nobles as well... but can we manage that?

 Apparently, the Clan has made the decision to acknowledge Mireille's presence.

''The military council will begin in a little while. In the meantime, you will make yourself at home in my castle.

 After that, they were to wait in a luxurious room at Sempeler Castle until the military council began.