68-Chapter 68   Strategy

 When Roselle speaks, all eyes of the nobles turn to Roselle as she speaks, and that kid has an opinion? I began to buzz a little.

 Roselle flinched quite a bit, but she took a deep breath once to calm herself down.
 Then he began to speak.

''Um, it seems that we are talking about making Arcantes fall, but the other party has thoroughly fortified the defenses of Arcantes, and furthermore, Arcantes Castle is the most solid castle in Mythian, and it would be extremely difficult to make it fall in a straightforward manner. I think we should fall to the eastern metropolis of Belzud first.
Belzud? If you don't drop Alcantez, you won't win.
'Sure, dropping Bertsd might not be a victory, but it can give us a big win. Because it's going to be an important place to be, no doubt about it.

 The nobles begin to think about Roselle's statement.

 If it's difficult to drop the main base, then the strategy is to drop them from the perimeter first?
 If they drop Bertsed, there is a possibility that the nobles who were on the Basamark side will see it as a clan advantage and turn on him. It's not a bad strategy.

''At Berzd, Basamark's favorability won't be as high as that of Alcantes. Even if we dropped Alcantes, there was a chance that if we weren't good at it, we could get a riot, but there would be no riot in Belzud. Furthermore, the castle of Berzd is one of the most dilapidated in Myssian. It would not be able to be renovated to adapt to modern magic-based warfare, so it's difficult to defend the castle by caging it.......................It's a good strategy.

 Clan also made a statement that seemed to agree with Roselle's opinion.

''Since the enemy will also expect us to attack Arcantes, we should be able to drop them easily if we pretend to go to Arcantes first, and after attracting the enemy's troops, this one can attack Belzud with a large army.

 He also suggested a way to make Belzud fall.
 As if it was irksome to drink the child's opinion honestly, the nobles seemed to be thinking of a counter-argument to Roselle's strategy, but they couldn't seem to think of one.

''Can I start with that me?''

 Rietz said.
 The nobles looked at him with a mixture of hostility and contempt.

'Mr. Rietz, please speak up,'

 Robinson allowed him to speak. If he, as the Clan's right hand man, allowed it, it seems that the nobles can't particularly object to it.

'I don't think it's wrong to say that Roselle's first step is to make Belzud fall, but it's not a good idea to use induction as a method of doing so. If you assume that the enemy will send troops to Belzud when they notice the guidance, that may be the case, but if the enemy generals are smart, they will send troops here against Sempraa. If Sempra was taken, the situation of the battle would be very unfavorable. Of course, if we got information that the enemy was coming for Sempraa, we would have to send our men back, but then the surprise attack on Bertsud would fail.

 Rietz pointed out that there were holes in Roselle's proposal.

'That's true, too. Then we'd have to either keep some soldiers to defend the Semplers or use more of them as decoys.'
If we have fewer men in Belzud, it will be harder to see if we can drop them.
''But, if the enemy's main force in Arcantes attacked Sempra, we could consider that to have lured the enemy into our own camp. In your own camp, it's easier to set up a trap and fight on favorable terms. Hopefully, we can encircle them and destroy the enemy forces.
That's one way to think about it.

 It is true that if the enemy attacked your army, as long as you could anticipate it, you would be able to fight to your advantage.
 But will it work out that way?
 The enemy has several good military strategists.
 I'm sure they would at least consider the risk of attacking Sempra.

'Mireille, what do you think?'

 I asked because I wanted to hear Mireille's opinion as well.

 Mireille had a slightly sleepy look in her eyes.

He said, "I think Roselle's idea of attacking Belzud first is correct. I have seen the Arcantes Castle with my own eyes, and I don't think we can capture it so easily. But our strategy is different. Basamark and his men are not stupid enough to fall for such a plan. They probably won't be attacking Sempraa.

 I said.
 Seeing Mireille like that.

Well, wait a minute, I don't think I've ever seen that guy before, but when you mentioned Mireille, is it that Mireille or is it that Mireille?

 The nobles began to buzz.
 Apparently, the nobles seemed to know about Mireille.
 It's a former nobleman, Mireille, and it's no wonder that they know him.

''It's an honor to be remembered by you,''
'Dear Clan! He's the kind of troublemaker who would have been banished to begin with!
"And his brother is Basamark's confidant! It could be a spider!

 The nobles denounced him.

'Wait, we already knew he was there. He's definitely capable, and there's something strange about him considering he's an interloper. I've decided to trust him this time.

 When the Clan said that, the nobles didn't complain any more.

''Basamark is cautious anyway. He considers all possible developments and considers how to deal with them. I don't think he'll be able to outsmart us, huh?''
I'm the one who understands his smarts better than anyone else, but then how do I win the war?

 The Clan asked.

'There are a few operations that are difficult to deal with even if you know what they are. The Paradile Province to the northwest of Meesian, which borders the territory ruled by the Basamark. You could get this Paradile Province to cooperate with them.
'Wait, the Governor of the Paradisle State hates the Myssian Viceroy's family. He won't side with Basamark, but he won't side with me either.
''I heard that the Governor of Paradile State has sworn allegiance to the Emperor's family, which is rare nowadays, so asking him to mediate will increase the chances of him becoming an ally. The Emperor's family is in financial trouble at the moment and should be able to use your strengths.
"I see you want the emperor's family to act as my intermediary......... I don't like it, but I don't mind doing it at this time. Basamark doesn't have much money, so it's not a move we can use.

 The Clan seems to think that they can certainly use Mireille's strategy.

''Alright, then let's summarize the strategy we've decided on for now. The goal this time is the fall of the enemy's stronghold, Castle Arcantes, but we will not aim at Castle Arcantes first, but rather fall from Berzd. The fall of Belzud will be carried out after we have gained a strong military advantage with the Paradisle Province on our side.

 For now, we decided on a general strategy.
 From here, we discussed the detailed strategy.