69-Episode 69: New Request

 Afterwards, things were discussed such as when to send the request for mediation to the Emperor's House, who to send, and how much money could be prepared.

 It was preferable to leave for the emperor's house now, but some preparations needed to be made, so it was decided that it would be as soon as that was done.

 As for who would be sent, it would be bad to send someone halfway to the Emperor's House to negotiate, but for the Clan itself to go would be impossible in this situation, as it was quintessential.
 For that reason, the eldest son of the Clan has been chosen as the negotiator. It seems that Robinson will be attached to him as an assistant.

 But when the Klan decided to make him the eldest son, he looked quite anxious. I haven't met him, but he's not a very good son, apparently. The Clan was telling himself that he would be fine, since he was going to put Robinson as his assistant.

 The amount of money to be paid to the emperor's family seems to be several tens of thousands of gold coins and a tremendous amount of money to be prepared as an advance. By the way, the means of transport is by ship. Since the imperial capital, like Sempra, is facing the sea, it is said that the fastest way to get there is by boat. The ship that the Clan possesses is the most advanced one in this world, and since it is equipped with a highly skilled navigator and pilot, it seems that it will not sink so easily.

 We'll also formulate some policies in case the negotiations fail.
 In the event of a failure, this time we won't take a strategy of backstabbing, but rather we will take the too-simple method of fortifying our defenses to some extent while going to drop Bertsud and outperform him in tactics to win.

 This time the military debate ended with a decision so far.

 The nobles leave from the discussion.

''Ars. Only you stay, my lord.''

 Immediately after we finished, I was told that by the Clan.
 Only, I was told, so the vassals were let out of the room and I remained alone during the discussion.

 The Clan and then Robinson seemed to remain in the room.

'Thank you for bringing an excellent military strategist to me this time, as promised, and I thank you.
That's very kind of you, sir.
'Well, I have a few thoughts on the part of Mireille's opinion, but let's put that aside for now. So let's get to the point. I have one more favor to ask of you, Lord.

 It seems that the Clan left me in the room not to thank me, but because they had other things to ask of me.

I'm not sure if Robinson is the only person I can send to assist Leng in his negotiations with the Emperor's family. If you have someone who is good at negotiating and so on, I would like to have that person as an assistant as well, but do you have any idea?

 Leng is the eldest son of the Clan who is going to negotiate this time.
 Robinson is a man of high enough political power, but is he still uneasy about it? Is the Clan cautious or does Leng have a very strange personality?

'When it comes to a vassal with high political power, it's leets.
The imperial capital is the place in the Samaforce Empire with the strictest discrimination against the Marka people. It would be safer not to do that.
'So that's what happened...'

 So the next one with the most political power is ... who? Roselle? No, it would be too much for Roselle to bear. Mireille and Charlotte are out of the question.

 I don't seem to have any suitable vassals in my household.

 When I was about to say there weren't any, I remembered Lysia's existence.

 Come to think of it, there was Lycia. She has a fairly high level of political power. Perhaps Lysia could be useful.
 However, she is not a vassal, but a forgiven wife. At the moment, she's from another family, and it would be difficult to take her with us.
 But, well, let's just tell the Clan.

 I told the Clan about Lisia.

''Hmm, a girl with a forgiven daughter-in-law..................We don't particularly want to force her to go with us. In the meantime, if you've talked with her father and her own consent, bring her here.
Yes, sir.

 It wouldn't be a problem to at least talk about it.

 That was all the talk from the Clan.
 We spent the night in the castle and then returned to Lumberk.