74-Episode 74 At the Semplar

 I would spend a week in Sempra.
 Everything I needed, if I told them, they would prepare it for me, so I had some spare time during that period.

 I decided to take advantage of this time to look around Sempra.

 It's a city with trade goods coming in from all over Samaforce, and it might be interesting to just look around.

 I brought a good amount of gold with me, so if I found something interesting, I could buy it.

 When I first came here, I didn't have time to leave right away and take it easy and do some sightseeing.

 Naturally, I'm not going to go alone, I'm going to go with Lysia and Charlotte.

 First of all, I'm going to see if Lysia is willing to come with me.

'That's a very good idea. It's my first time in Sempra, and after a short walk through the city, I thought it looked like a very interesting place. I'd love to go with you.

 And Lysia seems to want to take a look around the Sempra, too.

'I'd like to get a better look at the sea,'
'The sea I'm sure you'll be shown more than you can stand from now on, won't you?

 They would take a boat to the Imperial City.
 You won't arrive in a day or two, and you'll have to see enough of the sea to get tired of it.

'Yes, that's true, too.
'What about going to the market or something? You might find something unusual for sale.
'Sempraa is famous for being a commercial city. It certainly makes me wonder what the market is like.
So, shall we go to the market?

 Our destination was set.

 Then I confirmed to Charlotte that I was willing to accompany her.

I'd rather just hang out in my room.

 And I didn't feel very motivated.

 But I couldn't go out alone with Lysia and I couldn't not have Charlotte as an escort.
 He could at least ask the Clan for an escort and they would put him on, but I don't know if I can trust them completely. I don't want anything to happen to Lisia, so I want Charlotte to be my escort here.

 Although it was somewhat forced, I decided to take Charlotte with me as well.

 The market was right near the harbor.
 The smell of the tide in the air.

 Anyway, the activity is amazing.
 A large number of people are walking around, merchants are shouting to show off what they are selling.

 There are many fresh fishes for sale.
 Seeing fish that I had never seen before for sale, I was reaffirmed that this is still a different world.
 When I saw the huge red and blue striped fish, I wondered why this was such a color. Wouldn't it be an easy target for foreign enemies? So you think they're big and strong enough to take a shot at you?
 They said it tasted good. The price was quite high.

 The items for sale were not only fish, but also rare trade goods.

"Master Ars, look at this. A lovely animal.

 At first Charlotte said, "It's so troublesome......." but when she came to the market, her eyes lit up.
 What Charlotte is interested in is a so-called cat.
 A cat with blue fur.
 Apparently, there were no cats in Meesian, and they were treated as rare animals.

''You there, young lady. Do you perhaps use magic?

 Charlotte was approached by the merchant.

'You use it so much. There is probably no one who uses it more than I do.

 He puffed out his chest.

'Well, how about this one? It's the latest small catalytic converter. It can use magic with five times the power of normal magic, and it also consumes half the amount of magical water as before. That's just one gold coin! It's too good a deal, man!

 Honestly, it stinks.
 I've never heard of such a catalyst machine at all.
 If there was such a thing, there would be a lot more noise.
 There's even a possibility that warfare will become almost completely unused except for magic.

''Seriously? That's great.

 Charlotte replied without any doubt at all.

 I pulled Charlotte away from the merchant, as she was about to say she was going to buy it if she didn't, so I pulled her away from the merchant.

'Lady Ars, that was amazing,'
"Charlotte, it's probably a scam...
What's a scam?
'It's the merchants who trick you into buying it. If they had developed a catalytic machine with such a good performance, there would have been more of a fuss about it. How could I not know about it? There's a good chance it's a lie.
'It's probably a defective product. I've heard stories of people buying it because it was so powerful, but the catalyst machine broke after just one use of magic.
No, you can't do that I don't forgive that man. I'm gonna complain.
No, don't do that. No, you can't cause a scene.

 I stopped myself as I was about to go and fulfill the man who was about to take a chance on me.

 I was beginning to feel like I had made a mistake in bringing Charlotte as my escort.

 But then she seemed to be rather wary of him and stopped trusting him easily.

'But there really are all sorts of things I've never seen before... oh?'

 Out of the corner of Lysia's eye, there was a blue rose brooch.

'It's a beautiful brooch. But what is it? It's the first flower I've ever seen.'

 Apparently, Lysia has never seen a rose before.
 I wonder if they are rare in Samaforce.
 I just feel that blue roses were a rare thing on Earth.
 Maybe blue was the typical color of roses in this world.

 Lysia looked at it for a while.

Well, let's look elsewhere, shall we?
You seemed to like it a lot, but you're not buying it?
'I want it, but I don't have a lot of money and I don't want to waste it.

 The brooch is not that expensive.
 It is five silver coins.

 It's an adequate amount of money.

 This is a good time to buy one for you.

 It's time for a man to show his worth.

I'll buy it for you.
'That's a very kind offer, but I don't have anything to repay you at the moment. We don't think it's a good idea to owe you too much, sir.

 Lisia is still a child with a firm idea.

''I want to buy it because I want to see the smile on Lysia-sama's face when she receives it, so I don't think of lending it to her at all.

 He meant it, but it was a line that made him feel a little embarrassed to say it himself.

 Lysia couldn't be persuaded by this level, she thought, but it was more effective than she thought it would be, and Lysia was upset and blushing.

''A, Ars-sama is as good as ever, isn't she? If you say that, I'd have to say here that I want you to buy it too.''

 He looked a little upset and said so.

 I heard his words and bought the brooch.
 Then I handed it to Lysia.

'Thank you very much,'

 Lysia thanked me with a broad smile.
 There was still a blush on her cheeks.

 After receiving it, Lysia put the brooch in her pocket.

''It's very important to me, so I can't wear it except when it's the right time.
'What? No, I think it's okay to have them put it on more casually.
'That can't be right. It's the first gift I've ever received from Master Ars. I will treasure it for the rest of my life.

 I'm even told it's a treasure of a lifetime, which makes me wonder if the brooch is the right one for me now.
 Maybe something more expensive would have been better.
 Well, it's called a gift from the heart. I don't mind.

 After that, we went back to the castle after touring the city.

 It was pretty fun, and both Lithia and Charlotte seemed to be having a good time with it, so that was good.

 Then we went to town a few times and a week passed, and finally it was the day of our sailing.