75-Chapter 75   Departure

 Day of sailing.

 We went to the port of Sempraa.

 There was a big ship with three masts moored in the harbor.

 To our surprise, the ship was made of iron, not wood.

 I've seen ships in this world several times before, but they were all wooden ships.

 I thought it was a wooden ship this time too, but I didn't realize it was an iron ship.

 I don't know the details, but on Earth, they must have used buoyancy to keep their iron ships afloat.
 I wonder if it is the same principle in this world.

 It seems to be powered by the wind, though, since it has a mast to set the sail.

'Is this ship made of iron?'

 Lysia asked a nearby crew member.

'Oh yes,'
'Why is it floating? It's very strange.
That's why. There is a type of metal in the world called floating gold. If left unchecked, it will float about three meters in the air. If you mix it with iron, it will remain strong and light enough to float in the water.

 It seemed to be an iron ship built on principles unique to other worlds.

'This ship is unique to this Sempra. "This ship is unique to Sempraa," he said, "because we can't get enough gold to make it, and it's expensive to build, and it's not easy to mix iron and gold, so only Sempraa has been able to establish this technology.

 That sounds like a pretty valuable ship.

Not only is she made of steel, she's the fastest ship in the Samaforce. "Not only is she made of iron, she is the fastest ship in the Samaforce, and with five of them in the Sempraer, I'm sure she won't be beaten in a naval battle.

 He seemed quite confident.

'Hey, gentlemen, have a good day!

 I suddenly heard a loud voice.

 It was the Clan's eldest son, Leng.
 Next to him was Tecnad, accompanied by Robinson, who was a step behind them.

'Very nice weather today. A perfect day for sailing. This is my first time in the Imperial City, so I am very much looking forward to it!

 He seems excited.

 The excitement of going to an unknown location seems to outweigh the tension of performing an important mission.

 On the other hand, his younger brother, Tecnad, seems to be very nervous.


 Leng notices us and approaches us.

"I believe it was you and your friends, Earth.
This is Ars.
'Oh, oh, yes, excuse me. This is a great ship, but it's still dangerous at sea. Don't get too excited.

 I almost returned it to him, saying, "You're the one who shouldn't be frolicking and falling into the ocean. I suppressed it just before it came out in words and replied, "I understand,

 Charlotte murmured the pounding words, "You're the one who's most likely to fall off in a huff," but Leng didn't seem to have heard her.

 The captain seemed to have something to say before they boarded the ship, and they were all gathered together.
 There were more than two hundred people in all, who appeared to be the crew.

 After a while, a man who appeared to be the captain came and stepped forward.

 He was a man in his mid-forties and wore an eye patch.
 He's quite strong and has a great pirate look to him. I'm not at all surprised when he tells me that he used to be a pirate.

'I'm Captain Shark Toestin. Looks like we've got two Clan kids on board this time. First off, I'm king on this ship, and what I say is absolute. I don't let amateur brats do my job on board, but if they get in the way of our voyage, I'm going to throw them overboard or I'm going to knock them off their feet. I'll just give you a break and let you do what I say.

 He said this with a glare.

 Calling the Clan out in front of such a large group of people and this way of talking to two kids. What kind of relationship does he have with the Clan?
 Is it more like a friend than a master-slave relationship?

 I expected Leng to scold him for being rude, but he seemed a little pressured by the way Shark said it.

'Then get on with it.'

 With those instructions, we boarded the ship.

'What a strange sensation it is,'
I don't feel good about my feet.

 Lysia and Charlotte, who have never been on a boat before, are puzzled if this is the first time they've experienced the sensation of being rocked on board.

'It's going to rock more when it starts to move,'
'Oh, Master Ars, have you ever been on a ship before?
'Well, um. Yes, in case you were wondering...

 Of course I have a previous life, but this is the first time I've been on a ship in this world.

 I've never been on a sailing ship, and there is a possibility that the technology to prevent swaying is not available in this world, so there is a possibility that it will be a terrible sway.

 It is necessary to be prepared for this to some extent.

"Then we're leaving.

 Shark's loud voice echoed across the ship.
 It wasn't a voice that a normal human could produce, so he probably used sound magic to make his voice louder.

 Slowly, the ship began to move and set sail.