76-Episode 76   Sailing

 The voyage begins.

 The ride of this ship was less bumpy than I had imagined.
 Naturally, compared to the ship I was on in my previous life, the shaking is bigger.
 However, the shaking was well within the acceptable range.
 Maybe it was the captain's skill, maybe the ships of this world use some kind of anti-sway technology, maybe the condition of the sea is good, or maybe it was all of these factors.

 Thanks to the fact that I wasn't rocking as much as I thought I would, I didn't get seasick.
 However, Lysia, Charlotte and the two Clan sons had suffered a lot of seasickness at first.

 A room on the ship.
 Lysia, whose seasickness had finally subsided, apologized to me.
 Since she was drunk, of course she could reverse the contents of her stomach.
 As a girl of her age, she wouldn't want people to see it. I tried not to look at it, though.

'No, I'm the one apologizing. I should have told you more about getting drunk on the boat.

 Lysia and I apologize to each other.

 We are now in the common room in the boat.
 This room was one that the crew did not enter, only the nobles and their attendants.

 The door to the room opens and Charlotte walks in.


 He said that out of the blue.

'What was wrong with it?'
"I asked to go on deck and they said no, it's too dangerous.
It would be.
But I want to see more of the ocean.
'There's a window in the room, so why don't we look at it from there?'
'Hmm, but I think we should see it from the deck.

 I don't know how you feel about that, but danger is danger.

 But Charlotte, who not long ago was blue-faced and dying, is feeling much better now, isn't she?

'Oh, hello everyone.'

 This time the technad came in.

 He looks at us and greets us with a polite bow.
 He is quite polite, even though he is far superior to us in terms of family background.

'Good afternoon, Master Tecnad. Have you recovered from your seasickness?
'Yes, I'm better. But my brother still doesn't feel well. He was moaning that he would never ride again.

 Leng seems to have a weakness for ships.

'Excuse me, gentlemen.

 Finally, Robinson came in.
 He never got seasick and was always unperturbed.
 I wonder if he has quite a bit of experience on a boat?

''Since you're feeling better, I'd like to talk to you about a few things before we arrive at the Imperial City, if that's alright with you?
'Master Leng is still recovering, is he okay?
I've already spoken to Master Leng about it.

 Robinson then added in a dumbfounded tone, "I don't know if you understand," he said.

 Robinson's Leng reputation does not seem to be very high. I've seen him in contact with her a few times and he doesn't seem to dislike her. It's like taking care of a brother with a bad temperament.

'There's nothing wrong with talking to him.

 When I said that, Lysia agreed.

''Then, I would like to get some information into both of your ears before conducting negotiations. First of all, negotiations with the Emperor's family, but this one is not that much of a problem for me as well. We have a good relationship with them, and I do not expect them to refuse us if we give them money. The problem is the negotiations with the State of Paradile. Because relations between the State of Paradile and us are at their worst.
Why has the relationship deteriorated so badly?
It was the Mythian side that caused the deterioration of relations, originally they were allied and had good relations, but with the development of magic technology, Mythian wanted a magic stone that could only be found in the Paradisle State. They asked if they could trade with him, but he replied that he had no intention of leaving the state because of the small amount. With this, the Mythian unilaterally broke the alliance and fought to get the magic stone.

 From what I've heard, Miesian is pretty bad.
 What kind of magic stone did he want so badly?

''In the end, the emperor family, which was still in power, helped the Paradile family, and Miesian pulled back. It was quite a long time ago, but I heard that after that incident, the Paradile Viceroy's family made a family motto to not trust Miesian.
From what I'm hearing, I'm concerned that it's negotiable...
'Yes, I suppose so. It is true that Paradile owes a debt to the Emperor's family, and it would be effective to have them act as a go-between, but since it is even a family tradition, it is not unlikely that they would refuse. But there are a lot of issues in Paradisal, too. It will be a matter of negotiation as to what happens.

 You've said something that's going to put some pressure on us.

 Well, I guess this time we're kind of the assistant to the assistant, and basically Robinson is going to do the best he can.
 It will be our job to help him properly when he gets in trouble.

 If he didn't get in trouble, he wouldn't have to do anything, but considering he could travel on people's dime, that wouldn't be too bad.

 Over the next few days, the ship sailed without a hitch and arrived safely at the Imperial City.