77-Chapter 77: Imperial Capital

So this is the Imperial City....

 The ship arrived in the harbor and I stepped out on deck to look at the Imperial City.

 The buildings, which were slightly differently built than the Mythian, stood in a row.
 The town seemed larger than Sempraa.

 Most noticeable was the huge castle at the back.
 It is the largest castle I've ever seen.
 Even though it is the same Samaforce Empire, there seems to be a difference in its own way because it was originally a different country.

 Come to think of it, I've heard that if the province changes, the language changes as well.
 Will the people in the imperial capital be able to communicate with the people in the imperial capital?

 Robinson seemed to know, so I asked him.

'I can understand the language. There are a few differences, but I don't think it's a problem to communicate with them. Some states speak a completely different language, but at the aristocratic level, we can assume that the language is understood.'

 By slightly different, do you mean differences like dialect?
 Well, it doesn't matter if you can get through.

 We're going down to the bottom of the ship.

'It's a strange feeling to be on land after so long, isn't it?

 That's how Lycia felt down on land.
 'When you get off the ground after a long time in a boat, you start to feel uncomfortable that you're not rocking the other way.

'We have been expecting you. You must be Lord Leng Salemakia and Lord Teknad Salemakia, and their attendants. You have come to the Imperial City of Rambus. The whole House of the Emperor welcomes you.

 Leng was the first to descend to the ground, and to him a tall man with long hair said this with a clean bow.
 He was wearing his butler's uniform, and behind him was a line of people dressed in formal attire just like him.

 There was no difference in the words they were speaking, but their intonation was different.
 They are speaking in line with Miesian, but it's like the intonation of the original words is slightly different.

 Are these people being greeted by the Emperor's family?
 They must have gotten permission in advance during the preparation period, so they must have known that we were going to visit the imperial capital.

 Thinking that he seemed somehow competent, I appraised the tall man at the front of the room, but he didn't seem to have any outstanding abilities.

 His name is Den Martinez, apparently.

 I was a little worried about how Leng would respond, that he would not be pompous, but he was normal and polite in his responses.
 Wouldn't you let something that wasn't even minimally polite be sent to negotiate with the emperor?

''My name is Den Martinez. I am the Emperor's steward. I will take you to the castle at once.

 We followed Den's lead to the castle.

 We walked around the imperial city a lot, but the town wasn't very good.

 The streets were dirty and there were quite a few beggars.

 I thought that there was not much money in the people.

 However, a maritime city would be economically prosperous, but the emperor's family is said to be in need of money, and on top of that, the imperial capital is in this situation.
 Either the emperor has a spending habit, or he's not very good at making money, or both.

 The castle felt even bigger as he approached.

 Its name is called Rambus Castle.

 We walked up to the castle's gates.

 The gatekeeper and a small man were arguing with each other.

'I told you no!
'Make it happen! You're my friend!

 They were arguing in Teito's unique spoken language.

''When did I become friends with you? Anyway, he'll never get through here.''
My theory of airships is correct. If we build it according to these plans, we can build it for sure. Let me through!

 The man holds a rolled up piece of paper in his hand.

I don't know, but I was told not to let you through anyway, even if you came. Go home now.

 Airship? Blueprints?
 It's a word I'm curious about.

 Air Force Aptitude comes up when I use my appraisal skills, but I don't remember ever hearing about the flying military before.

 I had been curious about it, but I didn't know, so I stopped thinking about it.

 Could it be that this man is trying to build an airship that has yet to be built?

 I was kind of curious, so I did an appraisal.

 Sin Seimaro, 17 years old, male.
 Leadership 22/66
 Valor 25/78
 Wisdom 88/89
 Politics 32/74
 Ambition 45.
 Infantry D
 Cavalry D
 Archers A
 Magician B
 Castle D
 Weapons S
 Navy D
 Air Force S
 Plan C

 His name is Sin Seimaro and he is still young at 17 years old.
 His status is quite competent.
 His intelligence is high.
 The problem is his aptitude.
 Weapons and air force are both S.

It's you again.

 Den spoke to Shin.
 Singh gave him a look of disgust and slipped away from the gate.

'What about that man?'

 Leng asked.

'My name is Singh. He says that if you build it according to the blueprints he has made, he can make an airship, and he wants you to lend him money and people, but, well, I don't take him up on it because he's not well raised and he's a poor man. And yet he has come to the gate many times. I think it would be a pity to execute him because he is still a young man, but...
Hmm. I'm sure your father had the airship studied, but I've been told that it will be some time before it can be built. I've never heard of anyone in the entire Samaforce being able to complete it. I don't think it's possible for such a lowly-looking person to make it.

 It seems that airships have yet to be built within the Samaforce Empire.
 It's true that he was dirty and had a personality that seemed to be missing, but my appraisal of his aptitude for weapons and the air force was an S for both. And intelligence was high.
 So I don't necessarily know if I can make it, but I can hope for the best.

 It would be great if they could make something like an airship, and it would be a good idea to invite their vassals to join them.
 They apparently aren't being taken seriously in the Imperial City, so there's a chance they'll come if you invite them.

Next time I run into him, I'll invite him then.

''Well then, everyone, please come in.

 We entered the castle of Rambus, where the emperor lived.