78-Episode 78: Negotiation

 We entered Rambus Castle.

 The inside of the castle was pretty simple compared to Sempra.
 There are hardly any artworks in the castle.
 I guess it's because they don't have enough money to pay for it.

'Then we will take you to the audience chamber where His Majesty the Emperor is waiting for you.

 It seems we can meet them right away.

 I thought there was a possibility that those of lesser status might not be able to meet, but it seems to be easier than expected.

 I was shown into the audience room.

 There was a throne in the middle.
 No one was sitting on it yet.

 One man came out in front of us.
 He had slightly longer red hair. His face had a brooding look to it.
 His age was in his late thirties?
 He is dressed in expensive looking clothes.

"Master Leng, I welcome you and your entourage. I am the Prime Minister, Shakma Dorries.

 He bowed neatly and introduced himself as such.

 A Prime Minister must be a pretty high position. Is he the person who is in charge of politics on behalf of the emperor?
 Well, it's possible that the emperor is conducting his own politics.

 I had a feeling he was an important person, so I looked at his abilities in my appraisal.

 Shakma Dorries 28♂.
 Leadership 77/88
 Valor 62/76
 Knowledge 87/96
 Politics 72/77
 Ambition 90
 Infantry C
 Cavalry B
 Archer D
 Magician D
 Castle D
 Weapons D
 Naval C
 Air Force C
 Plan S

 A man of some ability, but this level of ambition....

 As I recall, Emperor Samaforth was still a young man.
 He was five years older than me, I believe. That makes him seventeen years old.
 He took over when he was eight years old and became the puppet for his vassals for a long time.

 Putting something as ambitious as this in such an important position as the Prime Minister I'm starting to worry about the Emperor.

''Then I will call on the emperor to come to you. Just a moment, please.

 Shakma left the audience chamber to call for the emperor.

 A moment later.

Your Majesty, the Emperor is welcome.

 I heard a loud voice say.

 Ordinary nobles rarely have an audience with the emperor, but if they were to have an audience with him, they would learn some manners. When the emperor comes in, first bow your head. When the emperor comes in, he bows his head first and then raises it after permission is given, a very simple manners.

 Charlotte is here as well. I didn't teach her that etiquette.
 When I checked, she was yawning loudly, so I hurriedly instructed her to lower her head and made her lower it.

 I hurriedly lowered my head as well.

 Slowly, I hear footsteps approaching.

 I felt someone entering the room. It was probably the Emperor.

 A moment later.

Heads up.

 He told me in a slightly slower tone.
 I look up.

'I am Charles Vaidras, the Twelfth Emperor of the Samaforce Empire.

 A young man with a rather ordinary face was sitting on the throne.

 He wore a crown and luxurious clothes, but his face itself was ordinary.
 No, the face doesn't determine nobility, but since he's an emperor, I somehow thought he was either terribly handsome or had a terrific presence.

 Even if he were to walk around that area in ordinary clothes, he wouldn't dream of being an emperor.

 Anyway, I'm very curious if he's an emperor or not, and I'll use my appraisal because I'm very curious about his abilities.

 Charles Baidras, 17 years old, male.
 Leadership 22/54
 Bravery 55/65
 Knowledge 46/54
 Politics 34/56
 Ambition 0
 Infantry C
 Cavalry D
 Archer D
 Magician D
 Castle D
 Weapons C
 Naval C
 Air Force D
 Plan D

 It was an ability value that was not outstanding.
 Ambition was the lowest 0 I've ever seen.
 Is it zero because he was born an emperor and can't be any more?

 But even though he's the emperor, he's already not the de facto supreme ruler because the other states are gaining momentum for independence.
 If he wants to reign as the complete ruler of Samaforce again, his ambitions will be high, so he simply doesn't have the personality to aim that high.

 After that, Leng gives an ostentatious greeting.

''Then let's get right to the point. I will be listening to your stories on behalf of His Majesty the Emperor. However, I have heard a certain amount about you beforehand, but I will ask you again.

 It appears that Shakma, not the Emperor, will be negotiating.

 I explained that Leng wanted me to act as a mediator in the negotiations with the Paradile State.

'What will the emperor's family receive in return for the mediation?
"I will pay you 20,000 gold pieces in advance. And another 20,000 if you succeed.

 Shakma looks shocked.

''Hmm, I appreciate being paid that much money, but before I accept your story, I'd like to ask you a few questions.
Be my guest.
"Your father, Master Clan, what do you intend to do after you win the war and unite the Mythians?
What do you mean...?
"It is my belief that you intend to defy us. I fear that they intend to become completely independent and establish the Kingdom of Mythian, to put it simply.

 The question now upsets Leng.

''If you're planning to do that, I can't help you, can I?
Well, it's not like that...

 The Klan had made it clear that they would be independent.
 This pursuit is a well-targeted one.
 Leng must have known that.
 He was understandably upset, and that was very bad.

''There's no such thing as independence. ''My Lord Clan is loyal to the Emperor's family.''

 Robinson spoke up to help.

'What about you?'
I'm sorry I'm late. My name is Robinson Range, a member of the Salemachian family.
'Lord Robinson. Is it true that Lord Clan is loyal to the Emperor's family? In the past, when the Low File State, which is opposed to the Emperor's family, attacked, I asked for reinforcements, but they never came. If they were loyal, wouldn't it be natural for them to come?
That was when Master Clan's father was governor. The former governor must have refused to accept the offer because of his anti-Emperor views. He tried his best to persuade them, but they wouldn't accept him.

 Perhaps it would be a lie to say that I tried so hard to convince him.
 Is it because he could speak so unapologetically and without stagnation that he expected this question to come?
 Then I feel like I'm teaching Leng. It wouldn't be.
 I mean, he's probably improvising and speaking up to come up with a lie.

'The anti-Emperor ideology has been passed down to Basamark. "The anti-Emperor philosophy has been passed down to Basamark, and once he has control of the Mythians, he'll surely want to go his own way. Master Clan is fighting the Basamark to stop it.
'So that's what happened...'

 He has said it so unapologetically that it is not at all clear that he is lying.

'There is no lie in that statement, is there?
"I can't tell a lie in front of His Majesty. It's all true. Isn't that right, Master Leng?
'Oh ... well ... yes. What you just said is true. I swear to the Emperor, they are true.

 Leng is honestly very upset. Wouldn't that be suspicious?

 I don't know if he believed it completely, but then he said he would take the mediation.

 But this would be completely hostile to the emperor's family if we become independent.
 Well, they would be hostile without saying anything, but if they became independent after declaring so openly and having their power lent to them like this, it would be difficult to make peace.

 I wondered if it was right to say such a thing without permission, but I guess he thought it was better than being rejected.

''Well then, I will first send a letter to the Paradile Viceroy's family, so I hope you will wait in the imperial capital for a while.

 The negotiations with the Czarist family ended with a few unexpected questions.