79-Episode 79   Reflection Meeting

Maybe the way we got through it wasn't the best way.

 Robinson muttered after the negotiations were over.
 We were discussing the matter, making sure no one was around.

'Why?' I think we got through it pretty well.

 Leng retorts.

''I made it clear there that I couldn't lie to His Majesty the Emperor. If you have made it that clear and lied about it, the imperial family will lose face when Master Clan declares his independence. War would be inevitable.
''Hmm, but I suppose even if we were to become independent normally, we wouldn't be able to escape hostility with the Emperor's family.......''
''Yes, but it will make peace more difficult. I'm sure Master Clan doesn't want a mudslinging battle with the Emperor's family as soon as we become independent.
'That negotiation wouldn't have been the best... well, Lady Lysia, how would you have gotten through that scene?

 Robinson asked Lisia a question. I can see that she is trying a bit.

''Well well I don't think Robinson-sama is wrong. Anyway, our first priority is to get the emperor's family to accept the request to act as a go-between. Master Robinson was very good at what he did. I respected the fact that you spoke so openly before His Majesty the Emperor.

 'I would,' said Lysia, praising Robinson first.

'But I would have ... well ... yes. I might not have made it clear that it was definitely not the case. The emperor's family is in need of money, and when Master Leng heard the amount of money, I think he was so surprised that he actually wanted to jump up and down. I was also surprised when I first heard it. So even if we were to be a bit insolent, there is a good chance that you would have accepted the story. For example, isn't it rude to be suspicious when you are questioned? Then we can pretend this story never happened, okay? And if I hinted at the possibility of a break-up, he might have apologized.
I see...
'But when it comes to the success rate of getting a deal done, I'd say Master Robinson's approach is the better one. So I can't say he's wrong.
''No, now that I think about it, Lisia-sama's method might be more correct. It's true that it's a bit risky, but.......considering the current state of the Emperor's family, there would have been no choice but to accept this talk. If I was a better talker, I would have dodged it lazily and avoided making it clear. It seems I'm still inadequate, after all.

 Robinson said regretfully.

'Well, there's nothing I can do about it now, so I'm going to switch it over.

 He seemed depressed, but he said he would switch easily. Maybe he's a strong man mentally.

'Well, it will be a little while before we begin negotiations with Paradile. I am currently dispatching a secret agent of my protégé to the capital of Paradile State. It's to find out the current situation in Paradile and increase the probability of negotiations as much as possible. I will be coming to the imperial capital with information soon, and I will decide on the details of the negotiations after hearing that information. I would like Lysia-sama and Ars-sama to participate with me in the discussion that will determine the details. Is it possible?
'Of course. That's why I came along for the ride.

 I'm sorry for the quandary of leaving without doing any work.
 Well, I don't know if I can be of any use.

 Lisia replied that she had no objection.

''Then it's free time until a secret agent comes with information. Ah, that's right. This isn't at all useful for negotiations, but did Master Ars see the abilities of His Majesty the Emperor and Vizier Shakma?''
Yeah, I saw it.
'I'd like to know more about it if I could, if that's all right with you?
I don't mind.
Thank you.

 I told Robinson in detail about the Emperor and Shakma's abilities.

'I see ... the Emperor is an ordinary man? And that Shakma is capable but potentially less loyal.
Yes, sir.
''I understand. But to be able to measure loyalty, Master Ars's ability is still astounding. It's not something I'd want to make an enemy of.

 It was unclear what Robinson had asked about his abilities for.
 Was he just curious, or did he want to know as a countermeasure to the war that was about to break out when he had just negotiated his own independence?

 Perhaps the latter? Maybe it's not something I'd consider taking action on right now, because I don't seem like the type to ask just out of interest.

 Well, I don't care either way.

 It looks like I'm going to get some free time in the Imperial City for a while, so let's figure out what we're going to do.