80-Episode 80: Looking for human resources

 I was given some free time for a while.

 The day I had an audience with the emperor, I was quite tired from the journey, so I rented an inn and rested.

 Then the next day.

 I decided to walk around the imperial capital and try to find personnel.

 There were more poor people in the imperial capital than I expected, so some of them might become vassals if I scouted for them.

 It seems that if I win the battle, I will be the head of Canale County, so the number of people I can make vassals will increase. It shouldn't be a bad idea to have a few capable people under my command.

 I was going to go alone with my bodyguard, Charlotte, but Lysia also followed me.

''Um, since we're looking for personnel this time, I don't think we'll enjoy being together too much.
Not at all. Anything is fun with Master Ars.

 Lysia said, smiling.

'And I wanted to see more of Lady Ars using her powers,'
When you say it's a place to use your powers you just look at it, don't you?
Are you sure you want to just watch? Are you actually doing anything special?
No, I didn't, sir.

 Could it be that you want to find out what the appraisal is?

Then would you be willing to see what the man over there is capable of?

 Lysia asked, pointing to a man who looked powerful enough to see.
 I do as I was told and use my appraisal to look at the man. All the while, Lysia stares at me, which is slightly hard to do.

 The man's abilities were above average in terms of martial prowess, but the rest of him had a devastating brain power value.

''I saw it.''
Are you done?
'Yes. You have the power to fight, as it appears. But you don't seem to have much talent for leading troops or thinking things through.

 Lysia is still staring at me.

'It certainly didn't look like you were doing anything special, did it? In fact, I thought you might be secretly using magic.
Is there such magic?
''I've never heard of it, but new magic is always being developed, you know. But if it's really not magic and all you do is look at it, I'm very curious as to why Master Ars has such power. Were you born with it?
'Yes, I suppose so. But you have the power to measure the favors of others, don't you, Lady Lycia?
''My special skill is not something I was born with, but something I acquired by observing people. I think anyone can acquire it if they work hard, but I don't think it's possible for Ars-sama to do so. Does God love you, Ars-sama?

 I know it's impossible for anyone to acquire it, but.......well, surely my appraisal skills are beyond the scope of what I can acquire with effort?

 Does the unique circumstances of being a transmigrant from another world give me the ability to do this? Or maybe it's just extremely rare, and there are those in the world who have appraisal skills and other abilities.

 I then continue to search for personnel while Lisia stares at me.

''Hey, Ars-sama, if you're going to find personnel, can you look for someone who can use magic?''

 Charlotte demanded that on the way.

'People who can use magic... well, I thought you were useful, but you're here, so I thought it wouldn't be a problem.
I've been to a few fights, and it's important to be strong in magic. It's true that I'm the best magician, but I don't have anyone else who is very good at it, so I think there should be more of them.

 You certainly have a point.
 I've yet to go into battle, but I've heard many times that magic is important.

 But there are very few people with magical talent.
 It's a high B. And those B's are few and far between.
 Have you ever seen anything with more than an A, except Charlotte?
 Come to think of it, I think Ben from Shadow was an A. At least you've never seen S.

''I like the idea of finding someone who can use magic, but it's not easy to find one...''
''There aren't many vassals in the Plaid family who are very good at magic, and Lady Charlotte is truly a special person.
Special....sounds good....

 Charlotte was praised by Lysia and turned her nose up in a great way.

 She then walked around the imperial capital looking for personnel, but she couldn't find anyone with magical talent.

 I was about to return to the inn when I got tired of walking.

'Please! Please, can you lend me some money?

 and found a man on his knees with a man dressed like a merchant.

 That was.....

 A small, ill-dressed man.

 It was Sin Seimaro, who said he was going to build an airship.