82-Episode 82   Information

 For two days after recruiting Singh, they continued to search for personnel, but were unable to find them.

 Then, Robinson informed me that the secret agent he had sent to gather information in Paradile Province had come to the Imperial City.

 It seemed that they were going to have a discussion to determine the details of the negotiations, so I went with Lysia to the room where Robinson was staying.
 Our place of lodging is a high-class inn in the imperial capital. Since Leng was coming, it was rented out.

''Thank you for coming,''

 When I walked into the room, Robinson greeted me.

 There was no one inside but Robinson.

'No, of course not. By the way, haven't Mr. Leng and Mr. Tecnad come in yet?
The two of you will not be participating in this discussion.

 I see.
 I understand Technad, but I thought Leng was supposed to be in the discussion.

 Doesn't he want to do it?
 Or did Robinson not dare to call him in because he might have been in the way if he was there for these discussions?

 What's it matter if I'm not there anyway?

'One report before we discuss it. In fact, it appears that the war has begun in Mythian.
'What? Has the war already started?
'It seems so. First, Master Clan seems to have moved to invade Alfada County, a county in front of Belzud. Basamark, on the other hand, seems to have taken Rudawson in Farmer County by surprise and dropped it. Rudawson has a large magic stone mine and is an important area. It seems that the enemy's strategy is to take down the places where our resources are located with a small number of troops and weaken our resources without losing as many soldiers as possible. Since there is a smart general over there who is good at ambush, we are in quite a troublesome situation.

 The war has begun.
 Moreover, the enemy's strategy is rather unpleasant. If it becomes a long war, we are at a disadvantage.

Well then, let's get down to business. First of all, I would like to give you some basic information about the state of Paradile. It's the state with the smallest population and territory among the seven Samaforce states. On top of that, it is bordered by almost all of the states, making it an easy target for the enemy.
 There are multiple reasons why this state has kept its territory from being invaded. The first is probably because of the Rafford Mountains, which lie to the northwest and west of the Paradisle, on the border between the Schutes and Cannipes provinces. This mountain range makes it difficult for the Schutes and Can Siep provinces to invade the Paradile.
 Another reason may be that the troops themselves are powerful. In addition to the high skill level of their troops, they also have a powerful recovery spell that can only be used in the Paradile Province, and even though they are not as numerous as the other provinces, they are not as strong as the other provinces.

 I wondered why it wasn't invaded, since it was really in the middle of the map, but I wondered if it was because of the terrain and the strength of the troops.

'According to the information I've gleaned from my secret reconnaissance, Paradile State is currently having a lot of problems. There have been a lot of bad harvests lately, and their food production capacity is down. Relations with the Schoutz State have deteriorated and the Schoutz State is looking for a way to drop Paradile State over the mountain range. For Schutz State, Paradile is a state that can stare down all the states and also wants it by the throat because it has a mine of recovery magic stones. The production of those recovery magic stones has been decreasing year by year, right?
'There are quite a few problems. Isn't this convenient? The deteriorating relationship with Schutz State in particular would be a problem. If you're in a hostile state with Meesian and you're fighting Schutz, you could be attacked from two directions at the same time.

 No matter how strong the troops were, then there would be a risk that the Paradisle would be invaded as well.

''Yes. The other side also has the advantage of joining forces with us. Even if it's difficult to drop Schutz State alone, if they attacked us in cooperation with Mysian, there's a chance that they would drop us. Food is also available in abundance for Meesian, so we can support them. Honestly, the disadvantages are less, so if the Governor is a decent person, I think he would choose to team up with us...
...Isn't it decent?
The current governor of Paradile State is not a very good diplomat. Originally, Schutz State wanted to form an alliance with Paradile State. The effect of forming an alliance and being able to pass through Paradile's territory would have the effect of giving the other states a glare. Since the Paradile State has a policy of not giving out the magic stones of recovery to other families, they won't be able to get the magic stones of recovery, but if they can get the cooperation of the Paradile soldiers, they won't have to bother to keep them for themselves.
 For these reasons, Schulze initially thought that an alliance would be a good idea, but the governor of Paradile ruined this story. It seems that this was an emotional decision, not a profit-making one. It is safe to say that this diplomacy was a complete failure, as the State of Paradile had nothing to gain by making an enemy of Schulz.

 You're an emotional diplomat.
 If that happens, I feel like I'm going to fail.
 Meesian would have the most ill feelings about it.

''Besides that, there's also the problem that the people as well as the Governor's family don't like Meesian. It could lower the morale of the soldiers during the battle.''

 That seems to be all the information Robinson has to offer.

Let's discuss how we can negotiate in light of this information.