83-Episode 83: Discussion Starts

What can we offer you in exchange for attacking Basamark?

 The discussion began and I asked a quick question.

'Money, food, resources, and strength. We can solve most of the problems that are occurring in the Paradisal State that I just described.

 Anyway, it seems that he or she is willing to pay a lot of things as compensation.
 If this is the case, it should be easy to conclude negotiations, but the Governor on the other side was the type to decide based on emotion.
 This alone might be weak.

''Why don't we just spread the rumor beforehand that Basamark is going to join forces with Schutz and attack the Paradile Province once they unify the Meesian? And it's not exactly a lie. Negotiations aren't going to start right now, and do we have time to start the rumors?
'Well we can't let Basamark unify the Meesian if that happens. I'm sure there is time to spread rumors. However, there's a good chance you won't believe it at the level of a rumor. Well, it's worth doing, but........

 I'm certainly not sure that's enough to make a deal.

'What do you think, Lady Lycia?

 I asked Lisia for her opinion.

'Well I'm afraid that no matter how much you present the advantages of working with us, the Paradile side will never take it. Since we lack the most indispensable thing in negotiations.
What's that?
Trust. If we don't convince the Paradiles that we will keep our promises properly, then all of our food, money, and troops will be wasted. And, if we spread rumors that Basamark is going to invade Paradile, the Clan will think it's the same thing. That will do no good.
That's all very true but is there anything we can do about it when it comes to trust?

 Is it really possible to suddenly and drastically increase trust in the period leading up to negotiations?
 After all, this is a relationship that goes back a long time.
 This was not something that could be wiped out in a short period of time.
 Was it an impossible negotiation from the start?
 Basamark seems to have given up on the idea of negotiating with Paradile, but was he right in his decision?

''That's true.......I've asked His Majesty the Emperor to mediate with you this time, so I think it's not impossible to increase your credibility by helping us out. Although I'm sure there's a lot of laying the groundwork for that.
What's the laying of the groundwork?

 Lycia then began to talk about specific ways to do this.