84-Episode 84: Discussion ends

''With His Majesty the Emperor acting as a go-between this time, if we can convince him that Master Leng and Master Clan are loyal to His Majesty, he will know that we are not lying about our terms.
How exactly do I make them think I'm loyal?

 Robinson asks Lisia a question.

'I think it would be a good idea to get in touch with a senior member of the Paradile Viceroy's family. I don't think the entire Paradile family would be opposed to this negotiation. It wouldn't be surprising if there was someone in favor of it. Tell that person how loyal Master Leng and Master Clan are to His Majesty the Emperor and ask them to persuade the Patriarch's House of Palladair. I believe that the Emperor's family has a close relationship with the Paradile Viceroy's family, so it's not surprising that they have some knowledge of the inner workings of the family. It would be more convincing if the emperor's family were to make contact with them.

 You want me to contact the Czar's chief advisors and ask them to speak with the Emperor's family and convince them to join us?

 They'll believe it when they hear it from the Emperor.

 Whether or not the Czarist family is willing to accept the offer, I'm sure the Czarist family will benefit from our negotiations with Viceroy Paradile. If it's a done deal, they'll get even more money. They would also think it would be better for the Clan to unite the Meesians than Basamark, since Robinson declared that he had loyalty in front of the Emperor.

'It's not a bad way to go. However, the Paradile Viceroy is not foolish enough to believe it unconditionally just because the information comes from the Emperor's House. They would gather information to corroborate if it was true. After it's established, I'll need Master Leng to do something to support his loyalty to His Imperial Majesty.

 Robinson added to Lithia's opinion.

'We will certainly need to back this up. If this strategy is successful, I think it will greatly sway the minds of the Palladair Viceroy to negotiate. However, the success of the negotiations will ultimately depend on the way you speak and the way you respond to the negotiations.

 At the end of the day, if you don't actually see Leng and the others at the bargaining table and make them feel like they're really worthy of belief, you're not going to get a negotiation. That seems to be the most problematic part. Well, I'm sure Robinson will figure it out.

''Let's take this discussion to a close. Thank you both very much. I will go to the Emperor's house to talk to him. If not, we'll have another discussion.

 This was the end of this discussion.

 Then a few days later.

 Robinson seems to have succeeded in getting the Emperor's family to talk.

 It seems that the Czarist family sent a messenger to the Paradile Viceroy's family, but they did not receive a reply that they would negotiate with him, and asked him to let them think about it.

 In response to Robinson's story, they sent a messenger, this time to the Stored family, a powerful noble family in the province of Paradile, rather than to the Paradile Viceroy's family.

 The head of the Storred family seems to be very close to the Governor of Paradile and is trusted by him. The emperor's family had a man with connections to the Storred family, and he made him an emissary.

 The messenger returned more than ten days later and tried to persuade him to come back and received a reply from the head of the Storred family.

 It seems that Leng's actions to show that he was loyal to the emperor's family were done at the stage of the messenger's departure to the Storred family.

 As for what exactly he was doing, there were some people in the imperial capital who spoke rather poorly of the emperor, so he got angry at them, and when he and Robinson were dining out, he made them talk about how the emperor family had ruled the Samaforce empire for generations with great policies, and how he couldn't forgive those who despised them.

 He was not sure where his eyes were, so he did it thoroughly, but Leng had to wear out his nerves a lot during that time.
 Incidentally, his acting wasn't very good, and to be honest, I'm not sure he was able to fool me.

 Then, a few days after the messenger returned from the Storreds, a messenger from the Paradile Viceroy's family came to him with a reply that they would negotiate.