86-Episode 86: Negotiation

 Negotiations began the next day.

 The negotiations would take place in front of the Emperor.

 Those who have sworn allegiance would not be able to tell a lie in this situation.

 If things go normally well in this negotiation, it's likely to end without Lysia's presence.
 Nevertheless, he is still present at the same time.

 First, Leng's mouth told us what he wanted from the Paradile Governor's family and what he was willing to pay in return.

 The Governor's Macpha's expression changes on pretty good terms.

 Then he answered a few questions from Macpha, and from the side, it looked like the negotiations were going pretty well.

 Just when I thought it looked like it was going to be an easy deal.

I have a question for Miss Leng.

 Bamba, who ate with us yesterday, raised his hand and said so.

 His tone is different from yesterday.
 He used to say "me" or something like that, but now it's me, and he can use respectful language.

 He seemed to be the type of person who could use TPO more than I expected.

'And you?'
"My name is Bamba Fanamah Mahu. Please get acquainted thereafter.

 I bowed nicely and greeted him.
 His demeanor has changed so much that I wonder if that was an illusion or something yesterday.

'So what is your question?'
'I have received information over here that Master Clan and Master Leng have pledged their allegiance to His Majesty the Emperor. I have my doubts that this is true.
It's true.
'But that is odd. In the past, when the Lofail States turned on His Majesty, the only one who did was Lady Macpha. I'm sure the Mithians had no particular reason not to do so.

 This question is answered by Robinson.
 It was a question previously asked by Shakma and answered in the same way.

'I see,' he said, 'that the former Governor and Basamark are anti-Emperor and Master Clan is pro-Emperor. However, there is an oddity in that. If they were truly loyal, wouldn't they go to reinforce their father's opposition? There is no record of anything like the Clan's presence in the area of reinforcements.
Master Clan was still young at the time and didn't have enough men to go to reinforce them.
'I see. But if he was truly loyal, he would have rushed to the scene, even in his own body, but I would have done so. Well, I guess that means he wasn't really loyal from the bottom of his heart.
"Master Clan is a wise man who understands his position. He would never allow his successor to go off to war and lose his life on his own, so he has decided, after much thought, not to go.
That kind of willingness to bend rationality to serve someone else is what true loyalty is all about, I suppose.
'That's a difference of opinion, sir. It was only because Master Clan thought it would be better for His Majesty to persuade your father to go than for him to go himself. I'm afraid he didn't succeed.

 After that, Robinson continues to dodge the pursuit.

 Maybe most of what he's saying is a lie. At the same time as I was impressed that he could really tell such a flippant lie, I was also beginning to think that maybe I shouldn't trust this man too much.

''Hm, then, Master Leng. Do you also have the same loyalty to His Majesty the Emperor as Master Clan?
Yes, Master Leng is just as loyal to His Majesty as Master Clan is to the Emperor.
'You are here in the presence of Mr. Leng himself, and if Mr. Robinson doesn't answer, Mr. Leng can answer.

 When Robinson tried to speak, he was interrupted. Did he decide that there was less of an opening and switch the subject to Leng?

 When Leng replied that I am also loyal to him.

'Is that true...? I believe that information is the most important thing, and when I hear a rumor, I often check it thoroughly to make sure it's true or false.

 Leng seemed a little upset when he heard that.
 He was trying as much as possible to show his high level of loyalty to His Majesty the Emperor from the people around him, but he probably wasn't sure if he was able to do it perfectly.

''If you're going to lie on this occasion, you won't get away with it for free, will you?

 Bamba pursued, a little threateningly.

'Master Leng.........'
'I'm not asking you, Master Leng. Please refrain from speaking.

 Bamba said, silencing Robinson as he tried to cover Leng.

 Leng was quite upset and didn't seem to know what to say in response.
 In a calm manner, there was no way Bamba could have any evidence to prove Leng's true intentions.
 If he had clear evidence, he wouldn't have come here in the first place.
 He may have obtained a story that is little more than a rumor whose credibility is not certain, though.

 I think this is how Bamba pursues them in a threatening manner and tries to see if they get ripped off.
 All we have to do here is declare openly that the rumors are true...
 This is going to look suspicious.
 Robinson seems to be at a loss as to how to help and...

 What do we do?

 I thought about it and had a good idea, so I tried it.

'Um, you've been doubting our loyalty for some time now, why do you doubt us so much?'
That's because the words of someone who has not sworn allegiance to His Majesty the Emperor cannot be trusted here.
''From my point of view, I thought it was natural for a Samaforce Emperor citizen to swear allegiance to His Majesty the Emperor, so I don't understand your attitude of suspicion to be so persistent. Isn't it because you have no loyalty to yourself that you are suspicious?

 I took the opposite approach to divert the conversation by pursuing the subject.

"Disrespectful. On what grounds did you do that?
''I have no basis for this, but I just thought that if you were to be so stubbornly suspicious, it wouldn't be surprising if people around you misunderstood you as thinking that His Majesty the Emperor was not capable of gathering the public's attention.

 Bamba tried to argue, but McPhas

'Plausible. Bamba, any further pursuit of this would be disrespectful to the Emperor.

 Then he stopped Bamba.
 He looked like he wanted to say something, but Bamba drew back meekly, perhaps because of Macpha's orders.

 I thought that was a technicality, but I managed it.
 After that, whether Leng had cooled down and thought about it or Robinson had secretly advised him, he made it clear that he was loyal to the Emperor.

 From then on, the letter was not pursued, and the letter was stamped by Leng, Macpha, and Shakma on behalf of the emperor.

 The seal of the emperor's family was inserted to show that the negotiation was concluded under the mediation of the emperor's family.

 Once the seal was affixed, the negotiations were formally concluded and it was confirmed that the Paradile family would attack the Basamark.