87-Episode 87: Return

Thanks to Mr. Ars, I managed to get out of a dangerous spot. Thank you.

 After the negotiations were over, Robinson thanked me for my help.

'It came to me on the spur of the moment and I'm glad I was able to help you.

 I'm glad I was able to be of some help in the negotiations, especially since I only brought Lysia with me, and I wasn't particularly helpful myself.

''Thank you as well, Lisia-sama. The fact that I appealed my loyalty to His Majesty the Emperor beforehand was quite a positive factor. It might have been tough to conclude the negotiations on my own. At any rate, I'm relieved that the negotiations have been concluded. This would have brought the victory of the war to us in a big way.

 Robinson pats his chest in relief.

'You were going to negotiate with Seitz next, weren't you?
'Oh, and on that note, Master Clan has instructed us that if negotiations are successful, you two will not go to Saitu and return to Mythian.
Is that so?
'Yes. Apparently, there was an incident in Saitu State and it's starting to get rough again, and they probably can't afford to come in for reinforcements anymore. But I'd like to go over just to make sure.

 The situation is precarious in Seitz, but has an incident occurred here?
 The Clan seems to have been a very lucky man.

 The victory or defeat of a battle depends not only on one's ability, but also on the luck of the hour.

 I have a feeling that we can win this battle.

 I was told that preparations for the return trip were already in place, but I had some unfinished business, such as contacting Shin, so I'll give them some time.

 First of all, I went to the residence Shin told me about, met with Shin, and told him that I was done with my business and would be returning to Meesian.

I'm ready. I'm ready whenever you are.

 As I said, he was properly prepared to go to Meesian.

'Then let's go. Once again, my name is Ars Rovent. We may be friends for a long time to come, but I hope you'll take care of us.
Nice to meet you.

 I shook hands with Singh.

 After that, we'll do some shopping and other things in town.
 Roselle asked me to buy a souvenir for her, so I'm going to buy it.

 I'm not going to buy a souvenir just for Rossell, so I'm going to buy souvenirs for Reetz and other vassals as well.

 It's not a matter of price, but rather what I thought they would want... I chose the items that I thought they would want as souvenirs.

 After purchasing the souvenirs, we boarded the boat and set sail for Sempra.

 It seems that only Robinson will remain in the imperial capital and head overland to Saitu Province.
 It seems to reach Saitu earlier.

 We arrived safely at Sempraa in about the same number of days as we went.