89-Episode 89: Deliver the Letter

'Ah, Master Ars! Welcome back!

 When I returned to the mansion, Leets hurriedly rushed over to me.

 He must have heard the news of my return and rushed to the front door of the house.

I'm back. Rietz, thanks for the trouble you put me through.
No, Master Ars, I'm glad you're safe and well and we'll get ready for the party to celebrate his return as soon as possible.
'Wait, wait, wait, there's no need to party. We'll have to head to Canale soon, you know.
To Canale?
'Yes, I need to go deliver a letter from Master Clan. I intend to leave tomorrow.
'I see. Well, it's been a long time since Master Ars has returned, even if it's not a party. I'll have him prepare a more sumptuous meal than usual.

 Rietz hurriedly went to give instructions to the cook of the mansion.

'Mr. Rietz, even though I have returned as well, I only saw Master Ars. How rude it is to ignore me here.

 Charlotte puffs out her cheeks.
 Surely Leets didn't care for Charlotte and Singh at all.

 Especially Shinn, who was new to the scene, but I didn't notice him at all.
 I wonder if they were so relieved that I came back.

 ........Come to think of it, Shin was a person from the imperial capital, wasn't he?
 I heard that discrimination against Marka people was terrible in the imperial capital, but I wondered what Shin thought when he saw Rietz.

''So this is Ramberg's mansion? Well, we're talking about a weak nobleman, so this is how it is.''

 He was muttering something somewhat rude, but he didn't seem to be concerned about Leets.

'The Marka? Oh, that's right, I remember. It's true that it's unusual to be in a noble family. But, as long as I can build an airship, that's all that matters. It doesn't matter who you have as your vassal.

 Apparently, Singh was a person with an unusually low interest in anything other than airships.

 Later, he also met up with Roselle and Mireille again.

 They seemed to be getting along a bit better.
 They gave all of them a souvenir.

 Then it was evening and they had a more sumptuous meal than usual.
 They asked me a lot of questions about what the imperial capital was like, what the emperor was like, etc.

 I also asked if anything had happened during my absence in Lumberk, but I was relieved to find that nothing unusual had happened.
 No new information from The Shadow seemed to have come in at the moment.

 The next day, I took the letter I had received from the Clan and headed for Canale.

 We arrived there at noon.

 We entered Canale Castle and met with Lemayle.

'Ars, you're here well. Is your order from Master Clan safe and sound?
Yes. Negotiations have been concluded.
'Oh! That's right! That would give Master Klan a huge advantage! So the letter is, perhaps, a call to arms?
You are right, Master Lemaire.

 I hand the letter to Lemayle.

 Lemeil reads the letter.

I knew it. It's unlikely that the Saits will attack us now. I was one of the first to obtain information about the disturbance that was occurring in Saitu, and I told Master Clan about it. Apparently, an influential nobleman revolted against the governor of Saitu Province, and in response, several nobles revolted in response. They can't afford to send their troops to other states.

 This is the first time I've heard about the details of the situation here, but I didn't know that was going to happen.
 Maybe the governor of Saitu isn't a very competent man.

''I'm going to gather all the troops in Canale County here once, and then I'm going to go to Sempra. 'It's the first of April, so it's not clear if we'll be able to make it to the 20th of April. At any rate, you must hurry back to Lumberk and come here again with your troops.
Yes, sir.

 Upon receiving the order, I hurried back to the mansion.

 When I arrived at the mansion, I ordered the soldiers to hurry up and make their preparations.

 This time I'm going to take Leets, Charlotte, Mireille, and Roselle with me.
 Singh would be left in the mansion.
 He's going to work on reviewing his airship theory to make sure it's completely correct until the battle is over.

 I'm a little more worried about the mansion, but since there are several vassals who have served the Rovent family since before I was born, I decided to leave it to them.

 The current total number of troops the Rovent family can send out is 200.

 It's more than before, but it's still a small number.

 I led my men to Canale Castle.