90-Episode 90   The march begins

 We headed for Canale with our troops in tow.

 When we arrived, the soldiers had already gathered to some extent.

 Some of them hadn't gathered yet.
 We had to wait for a while.

 I decided to use this time to finish what I needed to do.

 He wanted to change his request to The Shadow.

 There might be times when he might want to use Shadow's help in battle.
 It would be quite useful, such as when dropping a castle.
 For this reason, he asked for a word of advice to pull up from Arcantes once and conduct an investigation of Bertsud.
 The reward is the same as for investigating Alcantez.

 I also decided to get the information near Sempra at first, since it would take too long to convey the information if I had to come to Tremps.
 After that, I'm going to change the place where I get the information depending on the situation.

 I have a vassal in Canale who will be getting information from The Shadow.
 When Ben arrives, I will ask him to change his request and then I will ask him to change the location of the information to Sempra.

 Since I didn't know when Ben would come to Sempraa, and since I might not be at Sempraa at that time, I instructed my informing vassal to hurry to Sempraa and serve the same task after I had given Ben the information.

 A few hours later, Hamand Plaid, Lord of Torbekista, and Klal Orslow, Lord of Khmer, also came to Canale with their troops.

 Torbekista and Khmer had a larger territory and a larger population than Lamberg, so the number of troops was also larger than Lamberg.

 However, there is not that big a difference between the three hundred and fifty soldiers led by Hamand and about two hundred and fifty soldiers led by Kral.

 The soldiers gathered this time are mostly from Canale, and there seem to be four thousand of them.
 If you put all the soldiers from Canale County together, there are about four thousand eight hundred of them.

''All of you! Well assembled!

 Lemayr stepped in front of the soldiers and shouted loudly.

'Now the capital of Myssian, Arcantes, is in the hands of the renegade Basamark! To retake it, we will join Master Clan's forces and help defeat the Basamark! In this battle, we're taking over Belzud, one of the great cities of Mythian on the enemy's side! Once we take over Bertsd, it will be easier to attack the Arcantes! Then let's go!

 Ooh! The soldiers' yell went up.

 There were nearly five thousand of them.
 It became quite loud and resounded.

 Under Lemaire's command, we began our march toward Sempra.


 After marching for several days, they arrived at Sempraa on April 18.

 A tremendous number of soldiers had already gathered in Sempraa.

 According to the story, there were 60,000 men in Sempra.

 Another 10,000 men were expected to arrive from here, but they would not be able to arrive in time for the day after tomorrow, when the march would begin. Even if they don't come, they won't wait.

 There are a hundred thousand men in the whole army.
 The rest of the troops will be used for defense and to retake the key points taken.

 But this many troops will be fighting........

 A sense of urgency washed over me.
 How large a battle would it be?
 It would be two days before the Paradisle invaded the Alcanteans.
 There was no way I was going to be distraught in the presence of my vassals.

 He was determined to keep his mind strong, no matter what he saw.

 And two days later, on the 20th of April.

 The news came that the Paradiles had invaded towards the Arcantes.

'The time is ripe! We're about to launch an invasion of Alfada County now!

 At the Clan's command, a large army began to march into Alfada County.