91-Episode 91: Alcanthes Castle ②

'I will! The Governor of Paradisle, Macpha Circassia, has crossed the state line and invaded! They report 30,000 men in the field! It appears that they have now easily defeated Menfa in Lund County and are marching on Lund Castle!

 Castle Arcantes, during the discussion.

 The report popped up in the middle of a military discussion.

 Basamark overhears the report and his expression, which usually doesn't change much, changes slightly.

 Basamark's vassals, including Basamark's confidant, Thomas Grangeon, the wise general Remus Ibas, and others sitting at the round table during the discussion, all had surprised expressions on their faces when they heard the report.

'Is that true?'

 Basamark asks the soldier who reported to him.

'I am the enemy of the Emperor... or, well, not exactly a mistake...'

 Basamark muttered, and another soldier rushed into the discussion.

'I'm reporting in! The Klan has invaded Alfada County from Sempraa! It appears to be a huge army of over 50,000 men! We have already dropped the barrier without difficulty and are marching to Crumpless Castle in Alfada!

 There was a hush during the discussion as they heard the report.

 Everyone present realized that this was a terrible situation.

''It seems that the Clan and Macpha have formed an alliance.....................It seems that things have turned out to be quite nasty.

 Remus muttered, raising an eyebrow.

'This isn't the time to be taking it easy. What's going on in Saitu State?'

 Thomas asked Basamark.

'We haven't heard from Seitz since the mayhem. We can no longer expect reinforcements.
Yeah, well, they're all f*cking useless in a situation like this.

 Thomas let out a sigh.

'But to be allied with the Paradisle State it seems you asked the Emperor to mediate but even so, I thought it would be difficult, but to have made it possible, I didn't expect it.
What happens now is inevitable. We'll have to think of something to do. The aim of the enemy is undoubtedly Bertsud. If the enemy is defeated, they will be at a great disadvantage. In order to defeat Bertsd, we need to defeat at least two counties. That's Alfada County and Samuk County.
'The total number of troops in Belted and the vicinity of Belted is about thirty thousand. Probably, the enemy is probably on their way with almost their entire army, so there must be 80,000 of them. Normally, we would like to drop the Sempraers, whose defenses are thin, but that's not possible when the Paradisle State is attacking us. Although their numbers are smaller than ours, the Paradile State has a strong army, and if they show even the slightest chance of an opening, they could fall on us.
The Alfadas will surrender as soon as they learn of the situation. The idea is that they will side with the side that seems to have the advantage, so if they see that we are about to be at a disadvantage, they will turn on us as soon as possible. Samuk is very loyal to Basamark. I'm sure it's not going to be easy for him to turn over, but the castle is old and not strong enough for him to have an army," he said.

 Basamark, Thomas and Remus begin to analyze the current situation.

 Although various opinions on what to do with the current situation, which cannot be called a good situation by any stretch of the imagination, no plan that can be said to be effective has emerged.

In the end, we are outnumbered, so it seems there is no other option but to somehow defend Bertsud.

 Remus muttered.

'....Thomas. You will ride to Belted and join me in command. You are outnumbered, but your skills will hold them back. If you give yourself more time, I'm sure that in time the turmoil at Seitz will subside and we'll have our chance.
All right. I'm gonna make that Clan guy bark.

 Basamark then wrote a letter to the mayor of Bertsd County, which Thomas took with him, and Thomas left for Bertsd.