92-Episode 92   Submission

 Under the command of the Clan, we invaded Alfada County.

 The stronghold of the county chief of Alfada County is located in an area called Crumpless. Originally, it seems that the county chief lived in Alfada County, Alfada, but he moved his headquarters to Crampless because it was more convenient for him in many ways.
 The home base was moved, but the name Alfada County itself seems to have remained the same. There are several similar counties.

 To get to Alfada County, they first dropped the barrier without difficulty and invaded the county.
 No decent battle occurred.
 The soldiers at the barrier easily surrendered and opened the barrier when they saw our forces.
 They did not seem to be very loyal soldiers.

 After the barrier, they marched onward with a big army.

 On the way, we received a messenger from the governor of Alfada County.

 It seems that he wants to surrender when he sees our troops and learns that there is no hope of reinforcements because the Paradisle province has gone to war.

 However, it did not seem to be an unconditional surrender, and it was on the condition that he would not be deprived of his position as head of Alfada County after surrendering.

 Many people thought that was a bit too much of a worm to ask for after having been on the other side, but if they refused the offer, they would lose their chance to get the governor of Alfada County intact, and other counties would not be able to surrender, so the Clan decided to take the governor of Alfada County up on his offer.

 In the end, they succeeded in dropping Alfada County with little to no fighting.

 For me, I feel like I've been shrugged off, even though I decided to prepare for my first battle and set out.

 After dropping Alfada County, I sent a letter of surrender to all the counties near Belzud, urging them to surrender. The letter stated that if they surrendered now, they could remain as county leaders.

 A county called Muta sent a messenger to tell them to surrender.
 The other counties didn't seem to want to surrender yet.

 The soldiers in Muta and Alfada county joined the army and their numbers increased by about 8,000 men.

 And during the military council at Crumpless Castle.

 All the powerful nobles had gathered together and started their military council.

 In case you're wondering, me, Rietz, Mireille and Roselle are also participating in the military council, but as usual, my gaze is painful.
 Well, since they had participated in the military council before, there was no one to complain about it.

''Well, the next step is to capture Samuk, but I don't think they'll surrender easily here. The county chief of Samuk is the cousin of the Bertsd county chief and is very united. The county mayor of Bertsd is Basamark's brother-in-law, so unity is strong here as well, and betrayal is unlikely.

 The story goes that Basamark's wife's brother is the mayor of Bertsd County.

With such a large force, we can be sure that we won't suffer a single defeat. But there is a chance that we may be met with more resistance than we expected. We must avoid losing our men for nothing. We must carefully plan our strategy and attack.

 They came up with many ideas, such as surprise attack, or to strategize the vassals because the chief of Samukh county would not be turned but his vassals did not know about it.

 However, Samuk County's vassals were too tightly knit to be able to arrange a surprise attack, and the surprise attack was dismissed as a strategy that would normally be used by the disadvantaged side and not by our side, which was greatly outnumbered.

'I think it's important to consider what the enemy is trying to do,'

 Roselle made a statement.

'The enemy probably won't come looking to win the war. They will be stalling for time. We are at a significant disadvantage at the moment, but with time, the situation in Saitu may improve, or the Arcantes may be able to drive back the Paradile's men and come to reinforce them, which may give us an uncertain advantage.
'Hmm, sure, even I might do that. It's not a margin of victory that you can win by thinking about winning. If you are under pressure, you may think about a surprise attack, but if you buy enough time, you can find a clearer picture of what's going on here.

 The Clan agreed with Roselle's opinion.

'So when it comes to an effective strategy to buy time... well, in the modern era, I guess using magic would be the best way to go about it.
'Yes, they will try to confuse you with a lot of trap-type magic.

 There are various types of magic.
 The trap system is a magic that is activated when someone passes through or otherwise in the place where you set it.
 It can be prevented in advance by having specially trained soldiers searching for the location of the trap.

''I'm sure the traps have already been set a long time ago. Naturally, we have to proceed carefully so that we don't get caught in the traps, but if we take too much time, they will place even more traps and make it very difficult to attack.
I see........well, but I've made enough preparations for trap magic. I shall mobilize nearly all the trap-snatching soldiers. Let's march in, quickly disarming all the traps along the army's march route.

 After a lot of discussions about who should be the spearhead of the invasion and what route they should take, the military meeting was over.

 The next day, the invasion of Samuk County began.