93-Episode 93: Fort Wakumacro

 The invasion of Samuk County is launched.

 The Clan mobilized all the magic trap disarming soldiers they had prepared.
 Just as Roselle had expected, there were multiple magic traps set up along the way.
 After disarming all of them and confirming their safety, we march on.

 We dropped several enemy strongholds along the way.

 They didn't surrender as easily as they did in Alfada County, so we were resisted and took time to march, but we were making steady progress.

'Well, now we'll have to move on to Wakumukuro. If we can capture this place, we can capture Samuk.

 After dropping the enemy's stronghold, the military congress began.

 Wakmacro is an area near Samuk, the central city of Samuk County.

 In order to capture Samuk, you need to drop Fort Wakmukuro.
 It's not a very famous fort, but of course there will be magical traps inside the fort. Since it is difficult to sneak into the castle and disarm the traps beforehand, dropping the fort will require some ingenuity.

 It seems that a recommendation of surrender has already been made to Wakmacro, but no reply has come.

 Wakmacro's soldiers are ready to hunker down in the fort and fight.
 I'm sure they intend to struggle to delay our advance as much as possible.

'Lemeil, as the spearhead, you will attack Wakmacro.
Yes, sir.

 Lumeil bowed and replied.

 Lemeil will be the spearhead of the Wakumacro offensive....
 That means we'll finally have to experience a real battle.

 Until now, we didn't have a chance to fight because the other soldiers were only fighting, so we didn't have a chance.

''Ars, let's get ready to go into battle.
Yes, sir.

 I begin to prepare for my sortie with Lemayr and the others.

''If we easily drop Waxmacro on our own this time, the Master Clan will be pleased and our name will be enhanced. Arus, do you have any ideas?

 Lemayle asked me that question.

'Well I don't know right now, so let's think about it.

 There's no way I'm going to be asked that question out of the blue, and I don't have any ideas.

"Rietz, do you have any ideas?
Well it's difficult to say a plan without information about the strength situation on the other side and the fort and so on.
'Fort Waxmacro isn't very well defended, and the fort isn't large enough to hold many soldiers. And it seems to be lax in its response to magic.

 Rumail gave me information about the fort.

 Since Charlotte is also here, if you're saying that there are difficulties in counteracting magic, that would be the best thing to do.

''By the way, how exactly are the countermeasures lax?''
'The most common way to counter the castle against magic is to use magical soldiers as well. You need to use magic for defense. The catalyst machine used to defend the castle should be a special giant one. If you don't do that, the defense magic's defensive power will be lowered and the area you can protect will be narrower. I use a catalyst machine as big as the tower and use it for defense. Canale Castle is also a tower that was originally built and converted into a catalyst machine.

 They were making catalytic machines that big?
 I thought there were only three types of catalytic machines: small, medium and large, but there's also a huge catalytic machine for defending the castle.
 Now that I think about it, I think the tower in Canale Castle had a lot of weird letters written on it.
 I didn't pay attention to it, but I guess that's what makes the tower a catalyst machine.

'According to the information brought in by the scouts, there are large catalytic machines in Fort Waxmacro as well, but looking at the patterns, they seem to be a slightly technologically retarded catalytic machine, and that one would have low defensive magic defenses and would not be able to protect them.
''I see.......We have an excellent magic soldier here, Charlotte. If we make full use of her, I think we can drop her easily.
I'm sure you're right. I've been working hard to raise magical soldiers. I'm not as good as Charlotte, though. It's a good idea to borrow a large catalytic converter and some magical water from the Clan.

 Rumail went to borrow a large catalyst machine from the Clan, and it seems to have been approved successfully.

'Then we're off!

 After borrowing a large catalytic machine, we began our march to Fort Waxmacro with our troops in tow.