94-Episode 94  陥落

 We marched on, letting the magic trap disarmers disarm the traps to Fort Waxmacro, and we got close enough to the fort without getting trapped.

 We could see a small fort in front of us. That's Fort Waxmacro.
 It's a small fort, and its defenses are not very high as we've been told.
 This is still a fort that protects a very important place in Samuk.
 We can see from that that Samuk County itself is not very wealthy.

''Well, as for the attack on the fort do we use explosive magic to completely break the defensive wall and then attack it?

 Rumail asked that question.

'I thought it would be a bad idea to destroy the fort completely. This is because we will be using it after we capture it. If the defense of the fort is lowered too much when we capture it, we may be taken by surprise when we use it, and it may be easily taken by the enemy. If that happens, our supply routes will be cut off and our army will be in a tight spot.

 Rietz answered the question.

''I see... but even if we were able to capture it unscathed, wouldn't a weak fort easily be taken away from us?''
''The probability of being robbed is considerably lower than using a castle whose defenses are completely broken. If it were a surprise attack, the large catalytic aircraft would be too heavy and less mobile to use.
'That's certainly true too...'

 The large catalytic converter is about the size of a balance ball.
 The weight is considerable, and it takes two people to move it on a cart.
 In the event of a surprise attack, speed and inconspicuousness would be important, so it would be difficult to use it.

 A medium-sized catalytic machine could be used, but that would probably be manageable with the defensive force of the Waxmacro fort.

'Well, it's bad enough to destroy it completely, but if it's just to destroy part of it, then there's no problem. If you have this many troops, it won't be difficult to repair them.
Hmm, so we should just destroy part of it with explosive magic and send troops into the area where it's destroyed?
Yes, sir. That should be fine. Give priority to the ones with the best skills as much as possible.

 After deciding on a plan of attack, the next day the actual attack began.

 First of all, we will use explosion magic.
 The one to use is Charlotte.
 The magical water of the explosion was poured into the large catalyst machine, and Charlotte chanted the spell and used the magic.
 It was the first time I had actually seen the magic of an explosion in action.

 As Charlotte finished casting the spell, a red fireball shot out.
 It flew towards the fort's defensive wall at a considerable speed.
 It caused a huge explosion before it hit the defensive wall.
 The scale of the explosion was tremendous, it was quite far away from the center of the explosion, but the blast had even reached it.

 However, the defensive wall was intact.
 What did this mean?

 I asked Rietz, who was nearby, what was going on.

''This fort also has a magical defense function. But it's probably the best we can do to prevent the current blow.''

 I don't know much about magic, so I don't know much about the details, but it seems that the bulwark has some sort of durability.

 When Charlotte released another blow of magic, it didn't explode in the middle like Reetz said, it reached the barrier and exploded.
 With just one blow, the defensive wall collapsed.

''Oooh.'' ''As expected of you, Charlotte.''

 A cheer goes up and Charlotte looks good at it.

 I fire another shot to make the entrance bigger, just in case.

 The collapse has left a large gap in the defensive wall.

 I'm not going to let the soldiers suddenly charge in from here.
 I confirm that the enemy soldiers have gathered near the collapsed bulwark. Seeing this, I now put fire attribute magic into the large catalyst machine. The magical soldiers other than Charlotte also use magic together and attack the gap in the defensive wall with flame magic all at once.

 The soldiers who had gathered were burned by the explosive flames.
 It's hard to see clearly because it's far away, but perhaps those soldiers were literally turned into charcoal.

 After that, Lemayle


 and the soldiers began to charge into the defensive wall.

 I will be waiting in the rear. Well, even if I charge in, I'll only be crippled.
 Rietz seemed ready to go, but I stopped here.

 After a while, reports came in that the enemy had easily surrendered.

 Apparently, the fact that the defensive wall had been breached, and that many soldiers had died in the bombing afterwards, seemed to have caused panic in the fort.
 Even if the defensive wall was breached, they hadn't expected it to be breached in such an instant. Charlotte's name hadn't yet roared all the way to all of Meesian, so they probably didn't have enough information.
 The panic-stricken fort seemed to be easy to subdue, even if there was a trap.
 Realizing that there was nothing they could do about it, the enemy general seemed to decide to surrender to save the lives of his generals.

 They succeeded in falling Fort Waxmacro more easily than expected.