95-Episode 95 Post-War Processing

 After Fort Wakmacro falls, we go inside the fort to process the post-war process.
 Before we go in.

Master Arth you might not want to look inside the fort for a while.

 And Reetz stopped me.

 It was right after the battle. I can imagine that the inside of the fort would be in a terrible state.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find the best way to get the most out of your new job.

 However, even so, there's no way you can escape without seeing it here.
 Even though the army is led by Rumail's command this time, there must be many soldiers killed by my vassals.
 It seems to me that turning a blind eye to the deaths of those men is an unqualified act for a head of a family.
 Besides, I will be standing on the battlefield many times from now on, and if I'm upset about every single corpse, I might get confused and make a fatal mistake when the time comes.
 You'll have to get used to seeing them.

'Don't worry about it. I'll go inside the fort, too.

 Knowing my resolve, Reetz did not stop further.

 I entered the fort with Lemeil and his vassals.

 As expected, there were a number of dead bodies lying around inside the fort.

 I felt giddy at the first hellish sight I had ever seen. Somehow, I managed to hold my attention so as not to worry Leets and the others.

 Some of the corpses had been burned and charred by flame magic.
 I no longer felt that they were human corpses up close and personal, and I wasn't as shocked as I thought I would be.

 Like me, Roselle, who was seeing the scene of the battlefield for the first time, appeared to be upset.
 I was worried about what would happen to Roselle, a child and not yet mentally mature, when she saw the corpse, but she didn't seem to be upset enough to lose herself.
 The rest of the vassals didn't seem to care as if they were used to it.

 As they proceeded through the fort, several people were being held captive at the far end.

 They were probably the surviving enemy soldiers and enemy generals.

''Master Lemeil, how do you want us to treat these people?''
'That is for Master Clan to decide. But this time they will be hostile and kill each other, but since they are fellow Mythians, perhaps they will spare their lives. You must not untie the ropes until they are brought to justice, but you must take care to make them as unburdened as possible.
I understand.

 I don't know what the Clan will decide, but they won't be killing everyone. However, some of them are still looking at us with hostile eyes after being captured.
 The general of this fort has decided to surrender, but I guess not all of them are convinced. If any of them remain loyal to the Samuk county chief, they will have to be executed.

 If only the Clan could persuade them to do so.

'Then we'll begin first aid work on the fort at once. Menace, please.
Yes, sir.

 Lemayle left his aide, Menace, to administer first aid to the fort.
 He had a B in castle building aptitude and was probably familiar with castle building. After Menace gathered some magical soldiers, he began to give instructions for repairing the defensive walls.

''Um, I think we should mourn the bodies of the dead soldiers...''

 I gave that opinion to Lemayle.
 'I can't stand the idea of leaving the fort full of dead bodies, because I can't stand the quicksand.

''That's true, too. The dead on our side are few, but some of them are dead, and the enemy soldiers, as I said before, are our compatriots. Let's mourn them.

 Rumail ordered his soldiers to begin preparing to mourn the dead.

 Cremation is the most common practice in Meesian.
 After the cremation, the remaining bones are buried and a grave is made. It is almost the same as the Japanese way.

 Since the bodies of the allies are identified, they will probably be returned to the families of the deceased.
 The bodies of the enemy soldiers, whose identities were unknown, were gathered in one place and burned, and then a hole was dug to bury them and make a grave.

 After mourning the dead, we waited for the Clan to come to the fort.

 My mind was not at ease for a while.
 There was no way we could be normal with so many dead bodies in sight.
 I realized that I wasn't very good at fighting, even when I saw Rietz, Charlotte and the others being unconcerned. I'm not strong enough to fight or come up with groundbreaking tactics before my heart matters. To be honest, I'm not very useful on the battlefield.
 Even if you find good people, they will kill or be killed on the battlefield, and sometimes you can't be lenient about not killing someone just because they have the ability.

 I sincerely wanted to end this kind of battle quickly, get the land of Canale and start gathering personnel in earnest.

''Arus-sama, I have something to report.

 As I was lost in thought, Reetz called out to me.

'It looks like the Pham is coming here.

 Why is Femme here?
 I thought I asked The Shadow to enter Bertsed.

'I understand you wish to see Master Ars, sir.
Okay, I'll see you now.

 I followed Reetz's lead and headed to where the fam was.