96-Episode 96 Request Change

It's been a while.

 I walked out of the castle with Reetz and went to see Pham.
 The place where Pham was located was a short distance from the castle. Pham did not come alone, but with a vassal who had left him for a message. It seemed that he had informed Rietz of Pham's arrival.

'I asked him to go to Belzud, is there any inconvenience?

 I quickly cut to the chase.

'Of course there is. If you're going to make major changes to your request, I'd like to hear about it directly, not through word of mouth. If there's a miscommunication, it's very embarrassing.

 I see.
 It may indeed have been a bit of a bad idea to instruct him to change the place where he was gathering information through human biography. Fam and I haven't known each other that long, and we haven't been able to build a strong relationship of trust.

 I thought about asking him to break into Belzud, but reconsidered.

 Belzud is certainly the most difficult castle to get into, but there have been a few castles before. Not all castles are easy to take down, like this one.

 The Shadow's power could be used to bring down other castles as well.

 For example, you could have them release the magic traps inside the castle beforehand.
 Or opening the gates to the castle. Or poison the soldiers in the castle.
 Or set the pantry on fire, making it impossible to siege the castle.

 With The Shadow's power, maybe we could do a lot of things.

 I shared my thoughts with Rietz.

''I see.......I think it's a good idea. It's true that with the help of Shadow's power, we can speed up the capture of the castle.''

 Rietz seemed to agree.

'Well, but I don't know how much The Shadow can do that would be useful in attacking the castle of war,'
'Yeah. Let's hear it.

 I decided to ask Pham if he could do any work that would be useful in attacking the castle.

'Can The Shadow do anything that would be useful in infiltrating the castle, solving magic traps, opening the gates of the castle, or fighting?'
If anything, that's what you're better at.
Well, people are good at what they do, but I'm good at what I do best, which is sabotage from the inside.

 Then you'll be quite useful in battle.

But it's going to cost you more than the information you're gathering. Can you get it out?
How much is it?
At least 200 gold pieces for each invasion. That's just as well, given the risk to our lives.
'I don't think I can pay for it I'm sure Master Clan can pay for it.
Is this your master? Well, whoever's paying the bills, that's fine.

 Looks like I'll have to talk to the Clan about the fam.
 The Clan would probably pay me, though, if they have faith in my appraisal.

'Is it okay to talk about going to Bertsed?
'Yeah, I'll change my request. We're going to capture the castle now, and I'll need The Shadow's help if I need it. Would you be willing to accompany the army for a while?

 Pham was to accompany the army.
 Other members of the Shadows are also coming, but it seems that they will not accompany the army, but will follow the army from behind. It seems that Pham will summon them if necessary.

 By the way, it seems that Pham will always be near me, and she will be my maid of honor. It seems to be set up that my husband is worried about me and has rushed over in a hurry.

 Before I knew it, Pham was dressed in a maid's outfit. Where in the world did he have such a thing as a maid's outfit at all? In the first place, you had no plans to change into a maid's outfit before you told me this, so why did you have it with you?

''You should always keep your disguise gear with you.

 Pham could tell by his expression that I was questioning him, and he said so.

 We went back to the fort with Pham, who was now a maid.