97-Episode 97: POWs

 He took Pham back to the fort.

 No one doubted that she was a perfect maid.
 Incidentally, she told me to call her Lynn while she was a maid.

 Even Charlotte, who was supposed to know who she was.

Didn't we have a maid like that?

 I was even completely tricked into asking him about it.
 When I explained to him that I was a fam, he forgot that I was a fam in the first place. I don't think it was so long ago that I first met him that I forgot about him...

 Roselle remembered it, of course.

 And Mireille, who was supposed to not know.

'Huh? That's Lynn.

 I looked at Pham and called him that.
 Come to think of it, Mireille was introduced to me by Pham.
 I guess the name Lin is the name he takes when he disguises himself.
 From the way Mireille looks, she doesn't realize what Fam's identity is?
 Well, I'm sure they have some idea of what I'm talking about.
 I've told Mireille that I'm also under contract with a skilled clandestine mercenary.

''Ah, it's been a while, Mireille-san.
Thanks to you, I made it through the ranks.
Thank you. You look good in your maid's uniform. I just want to eat it.

 I don't do anything to point out the identity of the fam on the spot, but just make small talk.

 Then Mireille comes up to me.

How good a spy is that boy, by the way?

 He spoke to me in a whisper.
 'I knew you'd notice the quicksand.

'I'm sure you're good at it. I have a track record of infiltrating castles and stealing letters.
Hmmm, Lynn, or whatever you call him, what's his role?
The leader.
He's the leader? You're just a kid.
He looks like he's twenty-two years old.
Wow, that's amazing. I found out the gender was male, but I didn't know your age.
Did you know it was a man?
Yeah, that's pretty obvious, right?

 No, I only thought it was a woman until I used my appraisal skills...
 I even didn't know it was a man even after the appraisal. More to the point, I still have a little doubt. I didn't see the evidence in person. Even if the person in question says it's a man, and even if it comes out to be a man in further evaluation, it's still a woman's dress that's so complete that I still doubt it.

 To find out that........
 Could it be that Mireille is also a man dressed as a woman?
 And to be honest, I don't think he's very feminine.

"Did you just think that was rude?
I don't think so.
I hope so.

 Mireille glared at me and I hurriedly denied it.

''However, if that boy succeeds in crafting Samuk Castle successfully, he'll fall easily. On top of being outnumbered, if he opens up the castle, there will no longer be anything we can do about it.''

 For some reason, that kind of Mireille didn't look amused.

I'm not saying that. I'm just looking for more of a rumble, that's all. I'm going to be bored to death by the time we get to Bertsud.

 Mireille yawned at that.
 Apparently, Samuk County had fallen too easily and was losing motivation to do the opposite.
 It would be nice if they would be motivated when the time came, but what a worrying attitude to have.

 Then, after spending a few days at the fort and receiving a report of the fall, the Clan came in.

'Well done, it's a godsend that we've lost so little of our troops!

 The Clan praised Rumail for commanding him after he arrived at the fort.

'You have done well, Ars, my lord. He must have helped Lemeir.
No, I have done very little.
'Hahaha, don't be modest. I hear that your vassal, Charlotte, and others, such as Charlotte, did a tremendous job!

 It's true that Charlotte did a great job this time.
 It's because she destroyed the defensive wall so easily. Later I heard that no matter how weak the defense against magic is, the defensive wall cannot be broken that quickly. I'm sure you'll find that it's impossible for even an ordinary defensive wall to be destroyed with a single blow.
 Breaking the defensive wall that quickly was a major factor in confusing the enemy, so there is no doubt in saying that Charlotte was the most successful fighter this time.

''Clan-sama, what do you think of the enemy soldiers we captured this time?

 Lemeil asked.

Hmmm, if you could, I would have you all fight for my army but there are those who cannot swear an oath of allegiance. I suppose I'll just have to chop off their heads here.

 The Klan seems to treat their captives as I expected them to treat their captives.

 In fact, I did not appraise my captives.
 I thought that if a competent one was destined to be executed, I might lose my reputation from the Clan by desperately trying to save my life.
 That's exactly what happened if there was someone of Nobunaga's level of talent and that person was destined to be executed, he didn't have the confidence to remain calm.
 Talent has nothing to do with the weight of life, so I think this kind of thinking is inherently wrong. However, I still find it unbearable that someone with talent is killed.

 I was only going to appraise the people who were determined to survive.

"Ars. Have you had a chance to appraise the prisoners, my lord?
Not yet, sir.
'Then you may try. It would be cruel to kill a man of talent.

 The Clan said.
 Are you planning to save the lives of even those who don't pledge allegiance if they have talent?
 It would be even more dangerous if they were released into the wild, so I think they're going to lock them up in prison and wait for them to change their minds.

 But then, does that mean that the people I judge to be talentless will be killed?
 That's distressing.
 But maybe that's the cruel but reasonable way to do it.
 If I lied and said they were all talented, they would be found out, so let's not show no mercy and tell the truth.

 I used my appraisal skills to evaluate the prisoners.