100-Episode 100 Samuk Castle

 Samuk Castle.

 Samuk County is located in eastern Meesian.
 There was an unprecedented sense of urgency in this castle that protected its most important point.

''But to think that Fort Waxmacro would fall so quickly...''

 It was Samuk County Mayor Freddle Bundle who muttered this to himself.
 He is a man with a long beard.
 He hadn't slept much since the battle began, and the color of fatigue could be seen on his face.

 Freddle knew that Fort Wakmacro was not a very robust castle, but he still did not expect to hear reports of it falling so quickly.

''I've heard that the enemy had a terrific magic soldier, sir...''
''Oh dear... this time we're going to have to face those magic soldiers...''

 Freddle says in a disgusted tone.

 The Clan army is currently camped near Samuk Castle.

 They haven't come in for a siege yet, nor have they been forced to drop them.

 Freddle expected that the Clan would know that it was not good to be stalling for time, so they would probably drop them by force rather than by siege.

 The enemy may be in the process of making preparations right now, but they could attack at any time, so they kept their guard up and remained alert the entire time.

''But is it good? I didn't have to send a letter requesting reinforcements to Lady Canses...''
''Cousin-dono is a little too good-natured at times. I'm sure that if I ask for reinforcements, he will come to me, but that would be a foolish plan. The best way to win the war is for me to prevent the enemy from attacking and stalling them with as few men as possible.

 He had the option of sending a letter of reinforcement to his cousin, Cances Bundle, the mayor of Bertsd County, but Freddle knew that would be a fool's errand in this situation.

'This castle has traps in case we are dropped by the enemy. I'll disrupt the Clan's strategy here in a big way.

 Fradell said with a chuckle.
 He was gutted that this battle was a place to die.
 And all of the remaining soldiers at Samuk Castle were full of men who were as ready to die in this battle as Fradele was.

 That night.

 Freddle couldn't stay awake all day either, as it was a stone.
 He was in the middle of taking a midnight rest.

''It's hard!

 A soldier reported to Fradell's bedroom in a panic.

'You're here!

 Freddle jumps up, thinking that the enemy has attacked.

''It's not an enemy attack and that's why the magic water vault suddenly exploded! A large amount of magical water that was inside is flowing out!
''The magical water of fire and the magical water of explosion, which is effective in repelling the enemy, also flowed out!

 The report caused Freddle to be shocked to the point of completely waking up from his sleep.

 The magic water in the magic water vault is the magic water for the large catalytic machines that are always available in the castle.

 It is used to shoot up the enemies approaching the castle with powerful magical attacks from outside.
 First of all, Freddle could easily understand how badly the loss of it would adversely affect the castle's defense, as Freddle had stepped on it to cut down a large number of enemy soldiers and bring down the morale of the enemy soldiers considerably.

Oh, it's probably...
'You found it! The sooner we find him, the worse it's going to be! He won't be able to do more than spoil our water supply! If they can open the gates, they'll allow us to go in! If the magical water vault is ruined and the gates are opened, you won't last a day! You must find out now!

 With a pale face, Freddle instructs his vassals. 'Sicily, sir!' The retainer replied and turned to go find the secret agent.

 Just then, a huge sound rang out.

 It was the sound magic, the sound of a rumble.
 It was a disgusting sound that made him feel uneasy.

 Freddie felt a bad feeling when he heard that sound.

 And then, a few minutes later.

"Enemy attack! We're under attack! The north gate has been breached!

 And the voice, augmented by sound magic, rang out loudly.