101-Episode 101: Fall of Samuk Castle

 The area around Samk Castle. The time is night.

 The soldiers were perfectly prepared to go out at any moment.

 It would not be me rushing in this time either.
 The reason why I won't be rushing in is the same for all of the Clan, Lemayre, and the other standing people who command them.

 The plan is that when the gates open, the elite soldiers will rush into the castle at once.

 I've been told that Ben came up to me a short time ago to tell me that he was going to use the Rumble just before the gates opened.

 This had already been communicated to the Clan and to the soldiers.

 Then the sound of the rumble rang out.

 It was too dark to see well from here, but the soldiers began to move in unison.
 They seem to have begun to charge into the castle.

'Well, I hope they fall easily.

 The Clan mutters.

 Not long after, all sorts of sounds resounded from Samuk Castle, including angry voices, screams, the enemy sending instructions with sound magic, and the sound of explosions.
 By the way, I think the magic soldiers who rushed in used explosion magic.

 This time Charlotte and Rietz didn't rush in and are waiting for it at the moment.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more to say about it.
 He always seemed unmotivated, but he seemed to have an unexpectedly martial aspect to him.

 Although she is a woman, Mireille has the power of a man's face and is rather strong.
 In this raid, I took with me a weapon called a glaive, a spear with a tip that is a sword. It was quite heavy, but he wielded it lightly.
 Mireille can handle a variety of weapons, but this Grave seems to be the most skillful in handling it.
 In addition to the Glaive, she also had a small catalyst machine, so she was in a position to use magic as well.
 Even though it's strong, I'm slightly worried about it.
 Well, I don't think he's the kind of guy who will die in this place.

 Then we continue to wait for a while.

 Then a soldier walks in and

'We successfully defeated the castle of Samok, sir! We have also captured the Samuk County Mayor!

 And, quite quickly, reports came in that they had dropped the castle.

'Good work! But it's been a long time coming.
There were probably magic traps inside the castle, but all of them have been disabled. The spy mercenaries we hired this time have done a good job.
''I see. I'm sure you'll be able to easily take down Samk Castle this time thanks to the people Arus introduced to me. I knew you would be reliable.

 As usual, it feels slightly odd to be praised for something you didn't work for.

"Well, then, get Samuk County Mayor Freddle down here as soon as possible.
Yes, sir!

 The messenger soldier was told so by the clan and returned to the castle as soon as possible.

 However, this time too, it seems that they captured a large number of enemy generals besides the county chief.
 So is it necessary to do the sorting that we did at Fort Waxmacro this time as well?
 To be honest, I don't want to do that one, but....
 I wouldn't be able to say that if I were ordered to.
 I'll have to make up my mind now.

 As I was thinking about that, a woman in a maid's uniform came into view.

 ........it's a fam.

 You came back after finishing your work........
 You're going too fast.

 I don't want to be audible to anyone around me.

"You did good.

 I called out to him.

'Can you raise your fee a bit?'
'No, they made me do some extra work. If I didn't do it, it might cost my troops a lot of money, so I did it.
Can you explain it more clearly?
There's a special explosive magic trap in the basement of that castle. It's a trick that will cause the castle itself to explode. I don't know who made it, but the guy who made it must have been a very good magician. It's a trap that was made nearly a hundred years ago, though, so it's probably dead by now. It took a lot of work to disarm it.

 The castle itself blew up?

 The trick is that if it looks like it's about to fall, they'll blow up the castle and kill the soldiers, then make the castle unusable on top of that.
 That's pretty tricky.
 He was quite helpful in disarming it.
 But for all the trouble it took, though, I feel like it ended on time.

'I'll talk to Master Clan later.
You're on it.

 We were having a conversation and the Samuk County Mayor was brought in.