105-Episode 105: Bertsud Castle

 The discussion room is located in Bertsd Castle, the most important stronghold in Bertsd County.

'I report to you! Samk Castle has just fallen!

 In the middle of a military discussion, a soldier passed on the report.

 Hearing the report, Bertsd County Mayor Cances Bundle muttered in disbelief.

 Samuk Castle is not a solid castle, but it is a more difficult place to capture than Fort Waxmacro, and his own cousin, Freddle, has undoubtedly the ability to do so.
 And yet, to say the least, the fact that they were dropped so quickly was unexpected.

''That guy is unexpected........Did he ever tell you how he fell?''

 Thomas Grangeon, who had been sent by Basamark to defend Bertsd, asked the soldier.

'No, I heard it fell anyway, but up to the method...'
Yeah. Well, I'm sure we'll have a concrete report in a little while but I'm sure we have a very capable covert operative in the enemy.
Otherwise, it would be weird to fall so quickly.
Was Freddle unprepared for the clandestine surveillance?
I'm sure he did, but I'm not sure it was enough.
Well, we should be more prepared for a covert operation, then.

 Canseth said with a reluctant expression.

''By the way, what happened to Freddle? Are you still alive?
We have been informed that he was captured by enemy forces. Possibly even executed.
'I suppose we could use them as hostages in a pinch, and I suppose there's a chance we wouldn't kill them.

 Kanseth was a little relieved when Thomas told him that he might be alive.
It was distressing to him that his cousin, Freddle, was dying.

'Thomas. How do you think the enemy will move on now?
"Normally, they would come to the Starz Castle as soon as possible. If we take that place, the enemy will have a great advantage. The fact that we were not expecting the castle of Samok to fall so quickly is something the enemy knows. I think it's only natural that they want to capture it before they finish their preparations.
Then we have to get our men ready as soon as possible.
That's true. But if the enemy is coming with the strategy I mentioned, it seems to be relatively manageable, though.
What do you mean?
The faster the march, the easier it is to create an opening, the more likely the surprise attack will be successful.
Yeah. Your signature tactic was surprise.
'Even if it's difficult to get to the point of taking the lives of the Clan, I think it's possible to cut off the supply lines and significantly delay the enemy's advance.
I knew you were going to be there for me.

 Kansas was quite anxious about what would happen here after Samuk Castle fell too quickly, but after listening to Thomas, he found a little hope.

'The enemy doesn't always come for speed, you know. Besides, there are a good number of guys who know that my speciality is surprise attack, and it's possible that they are warned. If that's the case, they'll either invade normally, or they'll come up with some kind of plan again.

 Thomas ponders this for a moment.

'In the meantime, what we need to do now is to make sure we're fully prepared for a clandestine attack. We need to send our troops to the front of the castle and prepare for battle as quickly as possible. The rest will depend on future information.
'Yes. Let's hurry up and send a letter to the other generals guarding the castle.

 Kansas hurriedly began to write a letter.
 The contents of the letter included that Samuk Castle had fallen, to prepare for battle, to be fully prepared for a clandestine battle, and to report back to us every time they got information on the enemy forces.

 The defensive battle for the outnumbered Bertsud was about to begin.