106-Episode 106  ベルツド Attack

 Later, the execution of the prisoners of war took place at Samuk Castle.

 I've seen the horrific scene several times since the war began, so I've gotten used to it a bit.

 I think it's a good thing, because from now on, as a nobleman, I can't do it if I'm upset every time I'm upset. But I also knew that I shouldn't get too used to it and start taking people's deaths lightly.

 I decided to first ask The Shadow to gather information about Bertsd County.
 Instead of information about the area around Sturt's Castle, I'll have him gather it from the key points in front of it first.
 This is because it would be impossible to invade Sturt's Castle from Samuk.
 There are several forts in Bertsd County that have a reasonably high level of defense, and if we're not careful, we may find ourselves stranded in a big way.
 We decided to gather all the information on the forts and castles that we need to drop before we invade Sturtz Castle.

 Then, as planned, we will overrun the remaining forces in Samuk County.

 The remaining forces were few and easily overrun.

 Thus, Samuk County would fall completely into the hands of the Clan.

 Finally, in order to make the invasion of Belted in earnest, the Clan set out from Samuk Castle with a large army.
 Naturally, I joined that army.

 In order to invade Belzud from Samuk, we first needed to drop a fortress called Fort Bardossen.

 This fort is located near the county line, and we need to take it down to use it as a foothold for the invasion of Belzud.

 However, this fort is not so easy to drop.

 It's a difficult structure, and the generals guarding it are well known and excellent.

 During a break in the march, we were gathering in the main camp to have a military discussion.

''If we were to drop them in a straightforward manner, we might have to make a lot of sacrifices, but if we come this far, it's unavoidable...''

 The Clan said.
 The Clan army has invaded so far with a low attrition of troops at the moment.
 When they invade a base, many of the lower-ranking soldiers who were fighting there follow the one they invaded, so the number of troops has even increased, albeit slightly.

 If you attacked them down by force, you would waste less time, but you would wear out a lot of soldiers.

 The Clan seemed to think that being bought time was more painful in the current situation than losing soldiers.

''You might be able to lose a few soldiers, but if you're going to drop Fort Bardossen in a forceful attack, you'll have to use a lot of magic water. I'm not so sure about that.''

 Mireille expresses that opinion.
 When it comes to attacking by force, the best way is to use magic to make a hole in the defensive wall and rush in, just like the last time we brought down Fort Wakmacro.

 I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to get a good idea of what I'm looking for, but I'm sure I'm going to be able to find it.
 Inevitably, you need to release a number of magic shots to drop it, but that would consume a lot of magic water.

''I also think we should reduce the consumption of magic water as much as possible. We don't know how much the enemy has, you know.''

 Reetz agreed with Mireille's opinion.

Are we going to have a siege? That would take too much time.

 The Clan said with a furrowed brow.

'Well the general guarding Fort Bardossen is most likely under orders to buy as much time as possible, and he won't be sailing out of the fort.

 Roselle expected that.
 If we were to surround them, it would definitely take some time unless the enemy came out of the castle.
 It was a strategy that should not be done in this situation.

''If it's not a forceful attack and it's not a siege then what's the best thing to do?''
That would be the best thing to do, I suppose.

 That means turning the enemy against us.
 Hopefully, no blood will be shed, and on top of that, we can bring down the castle pretty quickly.

''........Can you do it?
'Well? I think it's worth a try. It's not surprising that some people think that they are outnumbered by their opponents and will only die in vain if they fight. Well, if it doesn't work, we'll just have to take them down by force.
Yes, it is.

 It was decided to try to orchestrate Fort Baldusen and discuss who would orchestrate next.