108-Episode 108 Meeting

 The meeting will take place inside the enemy's fort.

 The enemy wanted to reduce the risk of assassination for us, so they retrieved the weapons of those who would be meeting directly with us beforehand.
 I don't use them either, but I'm equipped with a sword at least, so they take them.
 It's hard for us to find a single armed person around, so the other side also disarmed those who are meeting with us and said they won't have armed people around them.

 The guards from the clan were also to be disarmed, but well, the strong ones are strong even without their swords, so we decided to accept it this time.

 The place to hold the meeting was not inside the fort.
 It will be held in the garden in front of the entrance of the fort, just beyond the gate.
 This was out of consideration that there would be no unarmed people in the vicinity, which would make it easier to understand.

 A round table was set up in the yard, and one middle-aged man was sitting there.
 The man rose from his chair when we arrived.

Welcome. It's been a long time, Master Bolance.
It's good to see you too, Lord Lyupa.

 So that's the enemy general's rupa.
 Incidentally, Bolance is a nobleman who is an acquaintance of the accompanying rupa.
 It seems that they fought together in the past.
 They are acquaintances, but they don't seem to be friends.
 Those other than Bolance were less connected than that, so it was decided that Bolance would accompany him.

''So are those in the back, Lord Robinson and Lord Ars?''
Yes, I do.

 He looks at me, still a child by all appearances, and wonders about me.
 It would be natural for him to think so if he knew that this meeting was an important one.

 However, Leupa did not mention it, but told us to take our seats.

 We took our seats and I tried to appraise Leupa's abilities.

 Leupa Lewton, 32 years old, male.

 Leadership 84/89
 Valor 54/54
 Knowledge 83/88
 Politics 78/80
 Ambition 70
 Infantry D
 Cavalry C
 Archer D
 Magician D
 Castle A
 Weapons B
 Naval C
 Air Force C
 Plan B

 He's a pretty good guy.
 And his ambition is pretty high.

 Maybe that's why he agreed to this meeting, too, because of his high ambition.
 With such a high level of ability and ambition, it might not be strange for him to be dissatisfied with his current position.

 Now, as for how to use the appraisal in negotiations, you might be able to use the numbers from the appraisal to predict the other party's personality.
 I don't know how accurate it is, but I think it's effective because appraisals can also detect the ambition of people who can use their constructs well.

 So, as far as this ability is concerned, his military prowess is low, but he's otherwise excellent.
 He's not the type that fights in the front line by nature. And he's highly ambitious.
 He is a thoughtful man, but is he the type that seems to think about black things in his heart?
 I'm sure they'll come on board with those types if you present the benefits properly.
 And there's no doubt that the enemy side is currently at a considerable disadvantage.

 The Clan said that they could give him the position of county leader as a condition for the orchestration.

 He said that after defeating Basamark, there would be a few counties open, so he would set them up there. There would be some complaints from our allies, but the Clan said that wasn't something to worry about right now.

 If they were negotiating normally, they'd be on board.... but we'll see what happens.

 At first, Bolance would make a social conversation.
 I could tell from the conversation that they didn't seem to be that close.

 At times, Robinson starts talking about why he came to the meeting.

 To Robinson, who asks if he would like to join our side.

'I am loyal to Master Basamark and Lady Canses. I am sorry, but I cannot do that, I am afraid.

 Leupa replied.

 I don't know if he really can't do it, or if he turned it down once because he would be seen as untrustworthy if he ate it up for a second.

 Then Robinson said he would promise me the position of county mayor, but as usual, he didn't shake his head.

 What's his beef? 
 I'm sure he's highly ambitious and wants to get ahead, but....
 If he wouldn't betray us for sure in the first place, he wouldn't be meeting with us.
 Does he have any doubts about it?

 Do you simply doubt that the story will be fulfilled? A prudent person might naturally imagine that to suddenly take up something that was hostile might cause discontent in the vassals, and that they might finally pretend it didn't happen.

 How can we get them to trust us?
 Maybe we can make a blood seal or something.
 The Clan said they'd give most things for a successful orchestration. It wouldn't hurt to give a little of your own blood.
 If that doesn't work, you'll have to be persuaded by reason.

 Robinson and Bolance don't seem to know what to tell them.
 I'll have to do it myself.

"Are you sure you're not sure you're ready for the county mayor?
...No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm simply saying that I have no intention of betraying you.

 There was a slight pause in the reply.
 Probably Lyupa is not sure what to do.

I'm sure that if Clan-sama and Liupas-sama sign a blood seal, the promise will be kept. I will advise Master Clan of this. Perhaps you won't be able to refuse.
I ...
Master Clan says it's a shame that a man as good as Master Lyupa has to be the master of this fort.

 'I think my mind is starting to wander a little.

'Betrayal means that my fame is diminished. Falling fame means I can't gather the hearts of the people. So when I become the county mayor, I don't know if it makes sense...''

 Lyupa spoke of her hesitation.
 I see, he was worried that his fame would fall with the betrayal.

''I don't think Lady Liupa's fame will fall if you betray her here. This fort is currently being cornered by my army. Even if we fought with this strength difference, there is clearly no chance of victory. It is not the fault of Lady Lyupa that we have been pushed to this point, but rather the fault of Basamark and Canses, who made a strategic error. Originally, it would be reasonable to send reinforcements to this fort to defend it, but is the Bertsd County Chief Cances really willing to send reinforcements? My prediction is that the command to buy time is coming. Buy time, in other words, the order is to become an abandoned stone. I cannot see someone as good as Mr. Leupa becoming a stone to be discarded. I hope you will make a wise decision.

 My tongue was surprisingly round, even to myself.
 Maybe I've gotten a little better at talking to different people since I was born a nobleman.

 Rypa asked for two days to respond and the meeting ended there.
 At any rate, it didn't seem like a bad feeling.