109-Chapter 109: Evolution

It's about time for an answer. Arus, do you think Leupa will turn?
I was very persuasive.

 Two days after it was arranged.
 The Clan asked me, and I said so.

 I was feeling rather formidable in my negotiations during this time.
 With my good appraisal skills, I think I was able to detect the high level of ambition and character of my enemy and persuade him accordingly.

 What they would do in the end, I don't know, but I never think it's not a possibility.

'Dear Clan! Lord Lyupa's emissaries are here!

 The messenger reported to the Clan.

'Okay, let them through.'

 At the Clan's direction, a messenger was passed in front of them.

'Thank you for seeing me through. I have been entrusted with your message, and I will pass it on.

 The messenger said, and began to say the words from Leupa.
 'Success or failure, I'm getting a little nervous.

'I was greatly troubled by this story. Although I owe a great debt of gratitude to the mayor of Bertsd county, Master Kancez, it is also true that I originally thought that Master Clan, the eldest son, was the one with the legitimacy to take over the position from Basamark. I've been persuaded, and as a result of my own deliberation, I've come to the conclusion that I'll follow Clan, thinking that I can't allow it to be abandoned as it is, even though I owe them a debt of gratitude, when I think about my vassals and my family. I am willing to surrender Fort Valdersen to the Clan.

 I'm relieved to hear that it worked.

'Good! Did you manage to capture the enemy's castle with as little time and manpower as possible? This battle is going really well. It's a big deal again, Arus.
No, sir, I don't think I'm above reproach, sir.
"Ha ha ha, don't be modest. All right, then, we're going into Fort Baldusen!

 The Clan said in a good mood.

 After that, we will take our troops and head to Fort Bardossen.

 We act cautiously as there is a possibility of a trap.
 The gates of the fort open.

 At the entrance, along with a disarmed soldier, a rupa was lying flat.

 He had an attitude that he had surrendered.

'Good to see you, sir. I, Liupa Loosenton, along with my vassals, am willing to join Master Clan's forces.''

 Leupa declared as she lay flat.

 The Clan was on their horses and did not dismount.

Heads up.

 I said.
 The soldiers, including Lyupa, looked up at once.

''You will now join my army. Together, we will attack Bertsd and then destroy the renegade Basamark.''

 The Clan said that, and once again the rupa fell flat.

We will do everything in our power to help you, sir.

 So he declared.

 Then there was no indication that it was a trap, and the castle was safely surrendered.


 After the orchestration was completed, a banquet was held to celebrate the success of the orchestration and to welcome the new leupa to the army.

 I was gathered with my vassals, eating and talking with them.

''You did a good job this time. Lady Ars.''

 Rietz told me that.

'Maybe I got some credit for it. But this fight is really going to go in your favor.'

 So far, we've won a series of battles with little damage. The enemy is taking damage and continuing to get beaten easily. They were originally outnumbered and had the advantage, but the current situation honestly gave them an easy win mood.

You can't let your guard down. The real battle is yet to come. You can't allow the enemy to advance any further, so they will come to defend you to the death. I think the next time around, it will be a full-blown big battle.

 Roselle said as if to brace herself.

'Well, battles, no matter how many consecutive victories you had won before, if you lose a battle you shouldn't lose, that's when you lose. What we're going to do now is going to be that battle we must not lose.

 Mireille says something like she's not caught off guard, but she's still drinking like she's bathed in booze, so I'm not sure which one it is.

 Does that mean it's going to be a big battle, or does that mean I could die if I'm not good at it?

 At my age, I can't die yet.
 I must avoid dying by taking revenge at all costs.

 I then assessed the new vassals who had joined the camp.
 I may not need to do it since I wouldn't be able to recruit my own vassals, but, well, it's something.


 I appraised it as usual, but there was something unusual about it.

 As usual, it was listed as name gender age, status and aptitude, but below that was a notation that hadn't been there before.

 He was born on November 20, 183 years of Imperial history, in Mirast, Belted County, Samaforce Empire, Mythian Province. Two brothers. One sister. His father and mother are both alive and well. He has a short temper. Loves to eat dried meat. Enjoys horseback riding. He likes women over forty years old. He is very trusting of the Lord, Leupa.

 All at once displayed personal information.
 I appraised the others and got the same result.

 My appraisal skills, which had never grown at all before, had finally evolved.

 Why did it evolve now?

 Either because of the number he used, his own age, or because he used his abilities to persuade them to successfully orchestrate.
 It evolved without any kind of warning, so it's not as if I'm not sure why.

 It's just that now we're able to get more information in depth.
 In that case, it might have become easier to do things like strategy.
 ........Well, there are times when you might find out something that other people wouldn't normally know, so there's a chance that people might think it's weird.
 Let's not use it in the wrong way.

 I'm also wondering if I should use it on my vassals.
 My feelings about the Lord are written at the end of the book.
 I wonder if I can look at this. Is this an invasion of privacy or...

 But it's not a bad way to find out what the vassals are really thinking...
 As a lord, you might want to know that.
 My conscience was a bit cursed, but I used my evolved appraisal skills on my vassals.