110-Chapter 110: Re-identification

 I did an appraisal to find out what my vassals thought of me.

 First, I examined the leets.

 There was a lot of growth in his ability value.
 There has been an overall increase in growth since I last measured it.

 Leadership 97/99
 Valor 90/90
 Wisdom 97/99
 Politics 92/100

 This was the case.
 Finally, he achieved the full ability value of 90.
 It seems that valor is already canned. Rietz is a serious guy, so he doesn't neglect training all the time. It seems that this has paid off.
 Now, let's get to the details....

 He was born on May 30, 189 years of Imperial history, in Redroot, Corrent County, Samaforce Empire Saiz. His parents are already dead. He has one sister. Serious nature. Anything to eat is good for her. Enjoys studying and training. He likes receptive women. He is very loyal to his master, Ars.

 I didn't need to look into Rietz.......or maybe I shouldn't have. I even found out what he likes in women.
 Come to think of it, Rietz is not a womanizer, and if I find a woman who is receptive, I might as well introduce her to him. Well, it has to be assumed that he doesn't discriminate against Marcas.
 Also, the birthday, it's now the twenty-fifth of May, so it's in five days.
 Well, Rietz didn't know his birthday, so he decided on an appropriate date to celebrate it.

 It didn't seem right to celebrate it with a real birthday now.
 Also, I didn't know he was from Meesian. I didn't know that. Maybe he didn't know either.
 His parents have already passed away...
 But do you have a sister? 
 Could he possibly still be alive? If he's appraised as dead when he dies, can we assume he's alive?

 The Samaforce Empire is large, and even if he were alive, it's unlikely we'd find him, but I'd like to meet him emotionally.

 Next, I appraised Charlotte.

 Leadership 80/92.
 Valor 104/116
 Wisdom 45/45.
 Politics 37/40

 His ability hasn't grown much overall.
 There is still a lot of room to grow in prowess, so I'm hoping to see some growth there.
 More information on the main topic, but I'd like to know what Charlotte has in mind because I don't know what she has in mind.

 She was born on the 5th of November in the year of the Empire's one hundred and ninety-two, in Ampar, Massa County, Samaforce Empire, in the county of Mythian. His parents are already dead. Simple character. She has a sweet tooth. She enjoys using magic and sleeping. Her type is people who spoil her. He thinks of his master, Ars, as a younger brother.

 ...and you think of him as your brother?
 I've never been a big sister to you in my life, but....
 On the contrary, I should be taking care of him.
 Well, I'm glad they don't seem to have any ill feelings towards me.
 I guess I know most of the rest.

 Next, I appraised Roselle.

 Leadership 65/88.
 Valor 22/32
 Knowledge 99/109
 Politics 77/95

 The ability value has improved since a few months ago.
 It's probably because he has gained a lot of experience, participating in battles and studying under Mireille.
 It's already an astonishing ability value for an eleven year old, but the scary thing is that he still has a lot of room to grow.

 So, the results of the appraisal.

 He was born on September 6, 200 years of the Empire's history, in Tolbequista, Canale County, Mythian Province, Samaforce Empire. Father is alive and well. His mother is deceased. Two older brothers. Negative personality. Loves vegetable soup. Enjoys reading. Still has no preference for the opposite s*x. He considers Ars, the Lord, to be his best friend.

 A best friend.
 I'm glad to see that he doesn't think badly of me either.

 I knew Rietz, Charlotte, and Roselle didn't think particularly badly of him, but the problem is Mireille.

 I wonder what this guy is thinking in his gut.

 I'll try to appraise it.
 The ability value hasn't changed.
 Since it was originally a completed ability value, it probably won't change with a little bit of effort.
 And I'll look at the vital detailed information.

 He was born in Arcantes, Arcantes County, Mythian Province, Samaforce Empire on June 15, 181 years of Imperial history. His parents are already dead. He has one younger brother. He is an unconventional character. Loves to drink. He enjoys drinking. He likes younger people (any gender). He thinks that the Lord, Ars, is an interesting boy.

 Interesting ... is a very subtle word. At least he wouldn't have any loyalty.
 Well, you don't have to have appraisal skills to know that Mireille isn't the type of person who is sincerely loyal to someone.

 It's still someone you have to be wary of.

 But it's an unusual preference. If you can go either way, does that mean you're bis*xual, Mireille? As if I learned something I shouldn't know...

 For now, I finished appraising the vassals.
 Other than Mireille, I think they're probably reliable.

 The fact that the appraisal has evolved means that it might be best not to talk to others too much.
 It's because it's now possible to appraise information that the other party might not want you to know.

 The welcome party was over and the next day was over.