111-Episode 111   Simultaneous Strategy

 The next day, a military council was held.

 It had been winter in Meesian recently, and it was getting chilly.
 This year seems to be rather mild, but there is a possibility of snowfall as we approach the end of June. If that happens, the march will be very difficult, so we need to hurry up the attack.

''Now, let's begin our military discussion of the capture of Starz Castle.

 After capturing the Baldusen Fort, you will move on to capture Sturt's Castle.

 Sturt's Castle is the castle that guards the road leading to Bertsd Castle.
 If you don't capture it, it will be difficult to get a large army through to Berzd.
 Although the castle is built on level ground, the defensive wall is very high, and the defensive wall itself is made of a material that is difficult to use magic on and is well prepared for defensive magic. It is a very strong castle. Dropping it is inevitably a struggle, but with the current strength gap, the possibility of dropping it is not low.

 I heard from Liupa about the generals defending Sturt's Castle and so on.
 The possibility of betrayal seems to be very low, so we will have to drop them by force or siege.

'I suppose we could invade Sturt's Castle directly from Fort Bardossen, but there's a problem with that. Here.

 The Clan pointed to the map of Berzd that was laid out in front of them.

 Pointing at the end of the map was a castle to the northwest of Sturt's Castle, called Rolt Castle.

''If you ignore this castle and go to capture Sturt's Castle, there's a chance you'll be poked in the back. This time, we can't afford to let Sturt's Castle be dropped, and since reinforcements will probably come from Berzd, we'll be caught in the crossfire. That's a bad idea, so we need to drop this place.

 The Clan explained that.
 It is true that Rolt Castle is just in a position that is difficult to ignore.
 Considering the importance of Sturt's Castle, they must have placed this castle in a position where they could go for reinforcements.

However, even if you go to drop Rolt Castle alone, then, of course, the forces of Sturtz Castle and Berzd will come to reinforce and intercept you. Therefore, I think it would be better to divide our troops into two groups and capture Sturt's Castle and Rolt Castle at the same time, but what do you guys think?

 I didn't raise any objections to the Clan's opinion.
 I thought it was a good strategy, as the disadvantages of dividing the troops would be very small when they were so outnumbered.

''So, assuming I lead the army towards Sturt's Castle, which is the army towards Rolt Castle, Lemayr should lead it.
Is it me?

 It was so unexpected, Lemayle rolled his eyes to confirm it.

'Oh, you're not happy?'
'No. If you ask me to lead an army, Master Clan, I will do my best, my lord.

 If Lemayle is leading the army attacking Rolt Castle, then I'm going to join the army attacking Rolt Castle, too.

 I was a little surprised to see Lemeil as a general.
 There seems to be a few people whose positions are higher than Lemeil's, but I guess that's how much trust he has in the clan.

 Anyway, it was decided that Lemeil would lead the invasion of Rolt Castle.

 It seems that there are about 5,000 soldiers in the enemy's Rolt Castle, and Lemeil will be entrusted with 10,000 soldiers, double that number.

 Since the objective is to prevent them from advancing from Rolt Castle, it seems that if they can't let the castle fall, they don't have to let it fall.
 However, the enemy will no doubt field a battle to go to reinforce Sturt's Castle.
 If that happens, most of the soldiers in the enemy's castle will come out and fight, so it's safe to assume that if we win that field battle, we can take the castle as well.

The soldiers in Rolt Castle have a lot of cavalry so that they can fly reinforcements to Sturt's Castle as quickly as possible. Their skill level is high, and they will be fighting on the plains in terms of terrain, so even if there are a lot of them, it doesn't mean that they can't win for sure. Therefore, I would like to add the Maitreau Mercenary Corps to my army at Rolt Castle. The Maitreau Mercenaries are specialists in the field.

 The Maitreau Mercenaries.
 They are the most powerful and renowned mercenary group, but so far they haven't had any notable success.
 It's not surprising since there hasn't been any decent battles.

 Come to think of it, I didn't appraise the Commander's Kramanto.
 I'm not at the military council, so I'll appraise it if I have it later.

 We were to join Rumail's army and take part in the attack on Rolt Castle.