112-Episode 112 Clamant

 As decided by the military council, we were to act separately from the main body of troops and attack Rolt Castle.
 Since the castle was dropped by arrangement, the soldiers will have plenty of rest.
 We will finish our preparations for going into battle at once, and will go into battle the day after tomorrow.

''But I am the general, Ars, thanks to you.

 Rumail told me so.

'Was it because of me? No, I believe this is a personnel appointment based on the Clan's trust in Master Lemayre.
The Lord and his vassals have played an important role in this battle. I'm sure you really want to leave your army in charge of it, but you are too young for that. That's why he had me, who is now under your command, lead his troops.
You think too much, sir.

 I thought inwardly that this might be so, but I denied it for the moment.

''But what kind of people are these Maitreau mercenaries that will be joining my army in this war? I don't trust mercenaries very much and although Master Clan said they are competent, I'm still a little nervous. I wish you would work for me, but yes, Ars. You are the head of the mercenary group, have you ever met Kramanto?
We've crossed paths before.
Have you done the evaluation?
No, I didn't, but I was going to.
'That's just fine. I was going to talk to Klamant about it, and I hope you'll be present.
Yes, sir.

 After that, Lemayr sent out a messenger to find out where Kramant was and order him to bring him back.

 The messenger returned a few minutes later, alone.

'What happened to Kramant? You couldn't find them?
'No, I found it, but he said to come over there if you want to talk to him. He didn't seem to care about anything when I told him that Master Lemayle, the head of Canale County, wanted to see him... what a rude fellow he was.
Hmm. No, since we're the ones who want to talk to you, it wouldn't be strange to go out. It's not like we're asking excessive politeness from the mercenaries.

 Some of the nobles would be outraged at the rudeness here, but Lemayle was more of a mild-mannered type.

''You must lead me to the place where Kramant is.
Okay, I understand.

 We followed the messenger's lead to where Kramanto was.

 Klamant was training with a group of soldiers outside the fort.
 There was a man I had once seen at Sempra Castle who had an uncommon air about him.
 They had only passed each other, but strangely, they remembered his face.
 Some people, like Ben, are easily forgotten, while others, like Klamant, leave a strong impression.

 Klamant was trading swords with the soldiers.
 Not one on one, but one on five.
 He is able to handle swords coming from many directions with great skill.

 It is a tremendous sword technique. He hadn't been evaluated yet, but it was easy to imagine that he was an aptitude S.

 They fought each other for a while, and after a few minutes, they stopped fighting to see if they were going to take a break.

''It is brilliant,''

 Lemeil spoke to Kramant.

 Klamant looked at Lemayl without speaking.
 He had a cold, emotionless look in his eyes.
 A bit scary, to say the least.
 But Lemayle didn't get scared out of his mind.

''As expected, he's the leader of the famous Maitreau mercenary group. I've never seen a swordplay technique like that.

 He continued to say the words.

'I'm not so good at swordplay.
That's a funny thing. You're not good at it after all that.
'My strengths are my spear and my bow. That's also best when I'm on horseback. I'm not very good at getting off my horse and fighting.
'If you're not good at it, then what happens if you're good at it? He's a horrible man.

 I thought so too.
 I could be lying, so I did an appraisal.

 Klamant Maitreau III, 30 years old, male.
 Leadership 91/95
 Valor 110/112
 Knowledge 65/68
 Politics 55/61
 Ambition 50
 Infantry A
 Cavalry S
 Archers S
 Magician D
 Fortress C
 Weapons C
 Naval C
 Air Force A
 Plan D

 He was born in Barca, Barca County, Samaforce Province, March 10, 180 years of imperial history. His father is dead. His mother is still alive. He is a realist. Loves all kinds of meat dishes. He enjoys training. He likes strong women.

 Well, that's impressive feats of courage.
 And maybe it's not entirely true that he's bad with swords.
 Cavalry and archers are both S's, and infantry is an A.
 It's strange to say that he's not good with an A, but it's probably fair to say that he's not good at it by Kramanto standards.

 His ability is perfect, but the fact that he's a realist personality means he'll start running away as soon as he's at a disadvantage, but that's probably true for mercenaries, not just Kramanto.
 Anyway, there's no doubt that his abilities are impeccable, so you can trust him.

''What about you?''
My name is Lemeir Pyles. I'm the man who was sent to attack Rolt Castle. I wanted to see the face of a mercenary who was willing to help me.
Hmm, so that's your guy.

 He doesn't seem to flinch at the mention of nobility.

Who's that kid over there?
My name is Ars Loebent.
'I don't care what your name is, but don't look at me like you're observing me. It's disgusting.

 Did you sense that you were using your appraisal skills or something like that?
 I've never used that kind of thing on anyone before.
 Is it a coincidence or does this man have an everyman's sense of humor?

 After that, Lemayle conversed for a minute or so, and then the conversation was forced to end as he resumed his training.

''So you've done an appraisal, haven't you? Well, I know I'm not just any guy.
'Yes, I've had a strict evaluation. Not only is he a man of valor, but he is also an excellent leader of men. I believe his abilities are flawless.
Hmm, I see. I'm sure there's no doubt in my mind that you are capable of doing it. The other thing that remains to be seen is your willingness to do so.

 Rumail still seems to be worried.
 As a mercenary, he has to fight to eat, so I think he'll fight properly.
 Unless there is some kind of situation that would put us at a disadvantage, but we have a better number of troops, so I don't think there is anything to worry about.

 After that, I began to prepare to go into battle under Lemayle's orders.

 Before setting out, I asked Pham to gather information on Rolt Castle.
 Rather than collecting that much detailed information, I asked him to gather information on whether there was any movement in the enemy's castle, how many troops were likely to be there, and what the castle looked like.
 The fee for the request was quite cheap because I entrusted him with the task of being a scout.

 Now we will have more and more information about the enemy's castle, so we can deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

 And then the day came for us to set out.

The capture of Rolt Castle is very important. We must succeed in capturing Rolt Castle. "We must succeed in capturing Rolt Castle. We must fight a good battle, but we must not let up. Then we ride forth!

 At Lemayr's command, they set out for Rolt Castle.