113-Episode 113: Lort Castle

 Rolt Castle.

 In this castle, which was currently on the verge of being driven into a corner, the lord of the castle was having a long military discussion with his vassals.

''But to say the least, I didn't expect Lord Lyupa to switch sides.......''

 Rolt Castle, the owner of the castle, Jean Tendry, muttered with a divine expression.
 He was only twenty-two years old, a young castle owner. He was a man with long blonde hair and a neat face.

 Knowing Lyupa's personality, Jean had thought that he was a serious and loyal man, so the betrayal was unexpected.
 In reality, in his heart, Liupa had a desire to get ahead, but Jean could not see through it.
 It's not only Jean, but also Canses, who entrusted Leupas with the Vardossen fort, couldn't see through it. That's how much of his own ambition Leupa had been living in hiding.

'I am reporting to you. It seems that the enemy has divided their forces into two halves, with the main body advancing on Sturt's Castle, and a detachment advancing on Rolt Castle here.

 That's what the messenger soldier reported to me.

''I knew it was going to be like that.......how many enemies were coming towards us?
There are more than 10,000 of them. In addition, we have reports of the Maitreau Mercenaries in the enemy's army.
''........Ten thousand is a lot, plus that famous Maitreya Mercenary group.......''

 The strength of Rolt Castle was five thousand.
 If the enemy's troops were weak, Jean was confident that they could manage even with twice as many, but with soldiers as powerful as the Maitreau mercenary group, the odds of victory would be greatly reduced by the quicksilver.

''No matter how many enemies there are, we must sally forth and send reinforcements to Starz Castle! Master Jang, give the order to go out!
'Yes, sir! Our army has a strong cavalry, and we will show you how to defeat any enemy!

 The vassals crowded to Jean so.
 Rolt Castle was famous for its cavalry, and the men were good with horses.
 Confident in their strength, no one was intimidated when they heard that there were twice as many enemies.
 The castle owner, Jean, was also widely known for his skill with horses, and he had led his cavalry in battle many times to achieve results.

''Wait, don't panic. It's true that our cavalry is powerful and unmatched, but when the enemy has a strong army and twice as many, we won't stand a chance if we fight without a plan.''

 Jean said this as if to admonish his bloodthirsty vassals.

'You mean to say that you are going to plot?
Yeah, actually, I've already taken care of that.
A hand?
'Yes. It's a gamble whether we'll succeed...

 When Jean muttered that with an uneasy look on his face.

I have a report!

 Another messenger soldier rushed over in a hurry.

'I've brought a letter from Master Hander!
'! You're here!

 Jean received the letter taken out by the messenger and hurriedly read the contents.


This war we can win....

 He smiled and muttered to himself.

 Jean stood up.

We're getting ready to go!

 He ordered his vassals to do the same.