114-Chapter 114: Reinforcement

 We're marching on Rolt Castle.

'Boy, I've just received a report from The Shadow.

 Mireille told me so.

 We had decided to get reports from the Shadow by Transmit's magic, which sends a sound to a specific catalyst machine. The Transmit had a distance limit, but since the Shadow had several members, it was able to deliver information to us quite quickly if we relayed the report several times.

 The content of the report was that the soldiers of Rolt Castle had gone into battle thirty minutes ago. The number of troops was five thousand, as expected.

 The Transmit could only deliver simple sounds, but those who were used to it could converse with them.
 Mireille was very familiar with the Transmit, so he had left the role of receiving it to her.

 'I'll tell Lemayle what I'm reporting.

''It's as expected, isn't it?''
Yes, sir.
'If the enemy has gone into battle, we should form up on this road.

 Mireille expressed that opinion.

''It's almost certain that the enemy's cavalry will come through here because it will take too long if they don't go through this Plan Road to rush to reinforcements. And if they were to pass through another place, we'd just have to round up the cavalry that has been deprived of mobility.

 It was a plausible opinion.
 This time, one of our duties was to hold off the enemy's reinforcements, and it made sense, given that purpose, to set up a position on the road.

 Then decide where to form up.

 The enemy's cavalry would come to this area in a day, so we chose it from nearby.
 Although it was not the best place, it is important to quickly set up a position and prepare for the location.

 We hurriedly set up a protective fence in front of us to prepare for the enemy's cavalry charge.

 Since we had originally prepared and carried the wood, we were able to set it up quickly.

 All we had to do now was wait for the enemy to come.

 Even though we have twice as many troops this time, I'm told that the enemy is strong.
 A cavalry charge could greatly disrupt the leadership of the soldiers and cause them to be killed.
 You must brace yourself for battle, because if you are not good, you will die.

 As we waited for the enemy to attack, the report reached Mireille's catalyst plane again.

 Did the enemy forces come very close?

 That prediction came off spectacularly.

''Well that turned out to be interesting.

 Mireille chuckles at the report.
 Since I don't understand the conversation at Transmit.

What's the report coming in?

 I asked.
 Mireille said it was an interesting thing to do, and I'm slightly worried.
 It's because this woman has a different sensibility than normal.

I was expecting the enemy army to come straight to us, but they seem to have taken an unexpected route. I was curious and followed them, and arrived at a place called Dandru Plain. It seems that there is another army on the Dandru Plain that is coming to meet up with them and head towards us.
Well, the point is, you've got reinforcements.
Reinforcements? From where?
From the pattern on the flag, it seems to belong to the Serdoras, the county chief of Barton County.

 Burton County is a county in the northeast direction of Bertsd.
 It would certainly have been in a position to provide reinforcements to Rolt Castle.

 But according to the story, this Barton County was torn between following the Clan or Basamark, and it should have been a neutral position at the moment.

 So they should have come to the conclusion that they could leave it alone for a while, but...

How many reinforcements have come in?

 It might only be that the Basamarkist nobles in Barton County had just sent out private reinforcements. If so, it would be a few hundred, maybe even a thousand reinforcements at most, so it's not a number that would be too much of a problem.

''It looks like there were at least five thousand.
My God.

 Apparently, in a short period of time, the county has come together to say that it should be attached to Basa Mark.

 This was unexpected.
 This is now plus five thousand, and we are now evenly matched in numbers.

 I report the reinforcements to Lemeil.

 Lemeil was quite surprised and decided to hold an urgent military meeting.