115-Chapter 115: Decision

...this is an emergency.

 In the tent set up in my own camp, the nobles were gathered together and an urgent military discussion began.

 I and my vassals naturally joined in.

'The enemy has received reinforcements and is now almost evenly matched with my army. We can't always win in this situation. Should we also apply for reinforcements from the Clan?

 Rumail asked that with a slightly impatient expression.

''I don't think Master Clan's reinforcements will be able to make it in time... I don't know how far Master Clan has advanced at the moment, but I'm sure the enemy will get here pretty fast. I don't think it will be any slower than giving them the information and then having reinforcements reach this point.
''Well then we'll call for reinforcements and leave Tono behind to buy some time while we fall back. If we do that, we'll be able to get reinforcements in time and fight with sufficient strength.
'Then I'm sure we can get some reinforcements to come...'

 Roselle is a little troubled.

'I don't know what's bothering you guys.

 Klamant, who had joined the military council, interjected.

'We have an equal number of enemies, don't we? Then we'll just have to fight and win.
''It's easy for you to say but the enemy has a high quality of troops and a high morale. This one is coming here in an easygoing mood, and if they find out that there are more of them than they expected, their morale could be lowered.
'Whatever the quality is, it won't be higher than ours. You won't lose. Or are you doubting your ability?
''No, I'm not trying to question the ability of the Maitreau Mercenaries, but...''

 We can't trust them, Lemayle said.
 If they are tied and if they are outnumbered, they may withdraw immediately.

'Just so you know,' he said, 'we'll do our job for a price. We've survived that way. The Clan Salemakia has given us a huge contract sum. Of course we'll do our job accordingly.

 Cramant said, perhaps sensing Rumail's concern.

''I'm against pulling back here,'' he said. The strength is only five minutes, not double. It would be good to retreat after one battle.
''But Master. Since the enemy is cavalry, if we retreat with one battle, there is a chance that Lord Lord will fail and be overtaken and decimated. If that happens, the enemy soldiers, energized by the victory, may have an extremely bad chance of getting behind the main army.

 Roselle said.

─ You do have a point. But if we pull back and ask for reinforcements, it might hinder the main force's invasion. Even if we are held back, we will lose the battle if the main force does not take Sturtz Castle. We mustn't lose sight of the purpose of the war.

 Mireille countered.

''That's right... but if we get into a pincer attack and all of our troops are devastated, it will be impossible to continue the war... and if that happens, it will take a considerable amount of time to rebuild...'' The worst thing that could happen is that Clan-sama will be struck down... the same loss can change the degree of defeat... it's certainly best to just intercept and win... ........What are the odds of winning.......?

 After that, Roselle mumbled and began to think to herself.
 It seems to be quite a difficult phase with many things to think about.

I think that I should intercept them as they are. You should not fight a battle you can't win, but that won't be the case this time. The morale is high, but I think that the enemy is in a hurry to get to reinforcements as soon as possible. If that happens, we'll be able to make a lot of plans.

 Rietz seems to agree to fight.

'Mmmm ... it's Ars. What do you think?

 Rumail asked me a question.

 Well, if I'm going to be honest, I want to run away.
 Even five thousand is a bit scary, but ten thousand is quite scary.

 However, that's just a matter of emotion, and I don't know if pulling back once is the best option.
 I haven't appraised the enemy's generals, so I can't say for sure, but there are several great talents over here. It's unlikely that the enemy has any more personnel than that.
 For sure, the enemy forces will be in a hurry, so I think it's possible to exploit them.
 The morale of our own troops due to the larger-than-expected number of enemies is also likely to manage the decline in morale.
 If we pull back without fighting here, the Clan's reputation could suffer.

 All in all, we should intercept this place as it is now.

''I think we should intercept them as it is.
I see.

 Then Lemeil asked the other nobles for their opinions.

 There were few reluctant opinions.

 In response to those opinions, Lemayle

"We're going to attack the enemy at this point. Make haste and get ready for battle.

 I gave that order.