116-Episode 116: Operation

Oh, I just got word from The Shadow.

 The sound of the transmitters reached the catalytic machine that Mireille was holding.

 The sound continued to ring for quite a long time. It was enough to make me worry if it could be deciphered even for such a long time, but it was unfounded.

'We've got enemy intelligence. We'll be here in about ten hours. That's a pretty fast pace. There is no doubt that they are in quite a hurry to get to reinforcements. I've also received reports that morale seems to be high.

 Mireille explained the information he had received in a matter-of-fact manner.

''It seems that the enemy forces still want to go to reinforce Sturt's Castle as soon as possible.

 That would be a natural decision.
 If we marched in at a leisurely pace, Sturtz Castle would be taken down.

 It's probably a good condition to set a trap, but what kind of trap will we really set?

 It's not easy to set a trap with magic, and it would take three days to set it, so it's impossible to use it here.

''I still think this strategy is the best.

 Roselle, who had been quietly thinking about something until now, suddenly spoke up.

'What did you come up with?'
Yeah. I've got a great idea for luring them in. You see the forest behind us first?

 This road runs through a forest, and the forest is just behind where our own camp is.
 There were some opinions about placing a camp in the forest, but since we have more than twice as many men as the enemy forces, it was decided to place the camp on the plain, where we can easily take advantage of our numbers.

We will hide the troops. And after luring them out, we will rain bow and arrow magic from the forest. The cavalry are vulnerable to surprise attacks. Especially since they can't counter a surprise attack from a long distance, it's sure to cause havoc. It's not just the archers and magicians that should be hidden, but also the infantry. We will pincer the enemy who tries to escape and destroy them.

 A lure.
 The enemy will be in a hurry to advance, though, so it's likely to be a rather successful one.

But there is a problem. The enemy may be in a hurry to move forward and distracted, but they're probably sending out scouts. They'll be able to see our movements to some extent. If we do this, they'll know we're on their radar.

 Mireille pointed out.

'I think we can put on an act and make it look as if a lot of our troops have really deserted, and then place them in the forest. If the enemy is tricked and sees that we're not in control, I think it will be easier to lure them in because they'll get on a roll.
'Either we're going to make them act ... or we're going to make them act ... but it's going to be difficult to tell all of our own soldiers that they're deserting without the enemy finding out, and it could be demoralizing.

 Now Reetz pointed out.

'That's where we should be concerned, though,'
Well, as far as morale is concerned, we'll just have to play nice.

 It seemed that Mireille knew how to raise the morale of the soldiers.
 He had led his troops many times, so he was confident.

''Who should be the one to make them desert?''
'I thought it would be the truest thing to make the Maitreau mercenary group leave. And it wouldn't be surprising if the conversation broke down at the last minute and he left. Furthermore, the enemy will be wary of the Maitreau Mercenaries, so if they find out they're gone, it could be a way to get them to let their guard down.
'I'm sure the Maitreau Mercenaries would do a good job of taking us by surprise. The only question is if they really do leave, though.

 Klamant is also here, but Mireille didn't hesitate to voice her doubts at all.

''I don't even think there's anything wrong with that strategy, I'll just do it if I'm told to.
What do you think? Boy.

 What Klamant is saying is true in my opinion.
 Even with his evolved appraisal skills, it's still impossible to guess his true intentions, but I think the reason for taking off here is thin.
 If he has a personality that dislikes surprise, he would still be the type of person who thinks that Kramanto is fine with dirty tricks in order to win. And he seems to be a realist.

I find Kramanto to be trustworthy.
'Then I think I'm good with that plan. I suppose it's up to the commander in chief to decide if it will succeed.

 We came up with a plan, but it was Lemeil who would decide whether or not to do it.

 I told Lemayle that I had come up with a plan and that I had just thought of a plan, and it was adopted.

 The first thing he did was to take off Kramant.
 I hope he was fooled.

 Finally, after a few hours, the enemy forces advanced very close to our own position.