117-Episode 117: Beginning

 Reports came in that the enemy forces were advancing to the vicinity.

 Currently, our own troops were upset with the fact that the Maitreau mercenary group had deserted, and the soldiers looked upset.

 This is where we will take measures to raise morale.

''Listen up! The Maitreau Mercenaries have deserted, but word has come in that reinforcements are coming from the main force! Reinforcements will be arriving in a few hours, so even without the Maitreau Mercenaries, we'll still be able to win plenty of victories!

 Lemayre exclaimed.

 Of course, talk of reinforcements coming is a lie.

 The planner of the operation is Mireille.
 A smart person might think that it might be a lie, but most ordinary soldiers are not so smart, so they are easily deceived.

 This time, morale is down due to the effects of the desertion, so the expectation is that morale will be boosted if he hears that the soldiers will be supplemented soon.

 In fact, when Lemayle gave them the information that reinforcements were coming, the soldiers' expressions began to light up.
 They seemed to be feeling uneasy, but it seemed to be easily dispelled.

 Then they came to a point where the enemy was visible.

 Is the field battle finally going to begin?

 They won't charge right away. They stopped their advance once.
 It seems unlikely that they will charge in without thinking.

 The enemy is visible, but because it is a plain, it is only visible, and the distance is very far.

 It's still not possible to fire a bow or otherwise attack from here.

''It's not coming........''
Are you suspicious of our movements?

 It was possible that the enemy forces knew that reinforcements were coming soon, but even if they did, they knew that the point of 'coming soon' was unlikely, so there would be no reason for them to hesitate here.

 After carefully observing the movements of the enemy troops, there was finally movement.

 A man on a large horse stepped in front of the soldiers and came towards us with a roar.
 He was followed by a large number of horsemen.

 Seeing the charge of the cavalrymen, Lemeil signals for the soldiers to get ready.

 I shuddered as I saw the power of the cavalry charge up close.

 I had witnessed cavalrymen running a few times in training, but this is the first time I've witnessed so many cavalrymen running.

 The rumbling of the ground caused by the horses running was so loud that it was almost as if an earthquake was taking place.

 If the vanguard soldiers were afraid of it and collapsed, the entire army would collapse in a heartbeat.

 When the horsemen came near the range of the bow, they would have their bows at the ready, and all at once the archers would start firing, sending a rain of arrows at the horsemen.

 But since they are skilled cavalrymen, they don't hit the arrows very well, knocking them off or avoiding them.

 And the magic soldiers, but this time they didn't bring a large catalyst machine. They're not suitable for field battles because they're for sieges.
 We have to use the limited amount of explosive magic water for the siege, so we can only use fire magic and sound magic.
 You will be able to find a lot of people who will be able to help you.

 The medium and small magic soldiers prepared flame magic all at once and began to release it.

 A weak cavalry with no countermeasures would be easily annihilated by this magic attack, but this time the opponent was different.
 There was a magic cavalry, using magic on horseback.
 A magic cavalryman uses defensive magic and charges at you while protecting you from the fire attribute attacks.
 Magic can only be used with talent and it's very difficult to use it while riding a horse, so it's hard to raise a magic cavalryman, but if you want to make good use of a cavalryman on a battlefield where magic is flying around, it's hard to be without one.

''What defensive magic is that?''

 Charlotte, who has a medium-sized catalyst machine, begins to cast a spell and uses a powerful fire magic called Blaze.

 A low-grade magic, Fire Barret, the Blaze used by Charlotte, which caused a huge explosion, was overwhelmingly powerful and smashed the enemy's defensive magic into tiny pieces of wood and blew away a large number of cavalry.

You're doing great, Charlotte.

 I thought I had given my opponent a strong shock with this, but he charged at me without objection.

''You guys! If you freak out at this level, I'll kill you later!

 The loudest voice was the big man leading the enemy's cavalry.
 I thought he was expanding his voice with a hyper voice, but the man has a long halberd, not a catalyst machine, so it must be a ground voice.

 The man seems to be quite capable.

 Rietz, who was waiting on his horse near me, mounted his horse and held his bow and fired an arrow at the man.

 Being all-around competent, Leats is also very good with the bow. He has an A for aptitude.

 He also calculated the man's travel speed and accurately controlled the arrow to the man's head, but he dared to flap it off.

 I fired repeatedly, but with the same result.

'That's pretty tough.'

 It sounds like you have some pretty high military prowess.
 I don't know the numbers because I'm not within appraisal distance.

 The cavalry charges into the position defended by the infantry.

 At this time, the magic cavalry strikes a series of magic to destroy the defensive fence with flame attribute magic.
 The defending magicians use defensive magic to stop it.
 However, some of the fences have been burned, and a cavalry charge comes through the gaps in the fences.

 The infantrymen, who had their spears at the ready, are defeated by the cavalry's momentum.
 It's bad enough that they're being charged and collapsing, so they immediately send them to cover the weakened area and cover them.
 However, the situation on the front line seems to be getting much worse as the momentum of the cavalry charge.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that they are more skilled than I thought. If we had fought normally, we would have lost.

 Mireille said carefree.

'This is not the time to be talking. If you're not good at it, you could lose even if you have a plan.
'That's all right. We're well outnumbered, so the enemy won't think it's a trap if we fall back. We can't afford to have a major collapse, so we'll have to do something about that.

 Then Roselle and Mireille went to talk to Lemayle, and the whole army began to retreat.