118-Episode 118: Retreat

 The retreating battle has begun.

 A retreating battle is difficult to begin with, and the fact that the enemy is mainly a cavalry army makes it even more difficult.

''Retreat! Move!

 Lemayle sends instructions to all the troops.

 First, someone needs to do the Lord in order to retreat.

 While the lord is stranded, they must move back.

 Once the order to retreat is sent, the commander who was previously assigned to serve as the lord will move his troops and hold off the cavalry invasion with his spearmen.

 However, it would not be so easy.
 The cavalry is fast and quite difficult to halt.

 They may be able to get through.

 It was quite easy to avoid them, especially with only the enemies who were highly skilled and could control their horses well.

 It would be covered by magic soldiers.

 Besides attacking with magic, I know that if I use sound magic to frighten them or create a wall of fire, the humans won't burn with defensive magic, but the horses are too scared to get close to them, so I use a lot of magic that is effective in stopping them.

 While their feet were stopped, the spearmen would rush in and prevent them from advancing, and so on and so forth.

 The enemy's cavalry is also well-trained and not easily frightened by magic, so some enemy soldiers will still be unable to stop them.
 When that happens, the retreating soldiers will have to be sent out to the Lord to stop them.

 If you use too many troops in the hall, the front troops will be too thin when surrounding the enemy in the forest, and they may break through.
 That would be the worst possible outcome, so it was necessary to stall the enemy with the least amount of troops.

 Perhaps the soldiers who served as the first Tono did well, but there weren't too many soldiers who couldn't be held back, and the number of Tono that were let out of the retreating soldiers was small.

 There were also many soldiers who were still retreating, and this would prevent them from breaking through to the front.

''We're almost to the forest........''

 It looks like they will manage to succeed.

 If Tono fails, and they catch up with him and poke him in the back, the entire army will be destroyed. I don't know if I'll have a life then either.

 Although I'm riding a horse right now, I can't handle it very well, so it's unlikely I'll be able to escape.

 And I was able to march to the forest without the enemy catching up with me.

''Thank goodness ... it looks like today won't be the day of our death.
Even if they had caught up with you, I wouldn't have let Master Ars die.

 Rietz says reliably.

'We've come to the forest, will the enemy soldiers come this way?'

 Rumail asks a question.

I'm sure it's a good thing that we're in a situation where we don't have to launch a chase. What's the point of not launching a chase here? However, unless the enemy general is a very intuitive guy, but that guy who took the initiative didn't look like such a guy.

 I couldn't appraise it, but I agree.
 In a situation like this, I might be able to appraise the enemy general, even if it's a bit overwhelming.
 That way, it might be easier to understand how they would move.

'We've received word that the enemy soldiers have raided the forest. They don't seem to think it's a trick. They seem to be quite carelessly entering the forest.

 I've got a report on Mireille's catalyst machine.
 It looks like the mission is going to be a success.

 One thing that bothers me is that I haven't felt any sign of the Maitreau mercenary group since I entered the forest.
 I wonder if they're really there.
 I wonder if they are so good at hiding.

 As I was scurrying around and turning my head to look for the Maitreau Mercenaries somewhere, Mireille noticed it and

There's a report of a standby. And I can see it, but I'm here. I feel a faint hint of presence. I'm sure you'll find a lot of people hiding in a relatively large number of places, but they only give out such a faint hint that they are indeed a famous mercenary group. It looks like they can fight in any way they want.

 That's what he said.
 I decided to believe what Mireille said for now.

 After advancing to the center of the forest, Lemeil sent instructions to the soldiers to stop the retreat.

 This is a losing battle, and the soldiers who thought they were going to retreat and regroup once were upset.

 He explained to the soldiers that this was the first place where the mercenaries had deserted into the forest.

 The enemy is already close by, so it wouldn't be a problem to explain here.

 When the soldiers heard that it was a mission, they regained their composure.

 Then, they quickly formed a formation.

 The magicians and archers are moved into the forest to join up with the Maitreau mercenary group.

 The Maitreau Mercenaries have been told by the Maitreau Mercenaries that the timing of the attack from the flank when the enemy arrives is after almost all the cavalry have entered the forest.

 There is no doubt that the enemy's main force is cavalry.
 If all the cavalry that attacked ahead of us were trapped and eradicated, the enemy would have no chance of winning with the remaining soldiers. They would have no choice but to retreat and return to the castle. Then we would win.

 The enemy's cavalry arrived at our location.

''What's the matter, have you given up on running?

 He's a big man who was leading the troops ahead of us.
 He looks quite well adjusted and says so. He doesn't seem to dream that this is a trap.

 After an appraisal, his name is said to be Dan Aresto.

 He has a leadership rating of 82 and martial prowess of 99, but everything else is pretty low. He has the best horse suitability with an S.

 This bravery is hard to get rid of, but it's going to be easier to win if you take him out here.
 If you kill him, the morale of the enemy soldiers will be considerably diminished.

''Or did you think you could take them on? Hahahaha, idiots! This is going to be your grave!

 And just as he spat out a template line and charged in, the Maitreau mercenaries who had been hiding in the forest began attacking the enemy with bows and magic.