119-Chapter 119: Surprise Attack

What? Down!

 At the best of times, the Maitreau mercenary group launched a surprise attack.
 The enemy would be attacked by magical soldiers and archers from both sides.

 The defense with the magic cavalry was also perilously weak against the surprise attack, as they had to cast spells.

 The bows also come with an unmatched amount of accurate fire, as the Maitreau mercenary group seems to have many master archers.

 A complete response is impossible, and a large number of cavalrymen are taken down in a short time.

''General! Troops from behind!

 The enemy seems to have noticed here and now that they are completely surrounded.

 The look of composure that had convinced them of victory just a moment ago changed to one of impatience.

 However, that expression soon changed and became calm.

''We've been trapped and surrounded! But there's still a way to live!

 Enemy general Dan shouted aloud.

''If we can kick out the small fry in front and finish off the enemy general, we win! Bastards, prepare yourselves!

 Dan shouted and ran his horse and charged at us.

 The general charged in and the soldiers couldn't watch, so the cavalry rushed in here as well.

'You're in a tight spot and have narrowed your options in reverse. You have the face of a man who is ready for it.'
Be careful....

 Mireille and Reetz said so.

 Their analysis was correct, apparently with an effect like a backwater battle, the enemy soldiers were advancing in a desperate attempt to get at Lemayr's neck.
 They seem to be a well-trained army, that even with a surprise attack from the flank, their leadership is completely intact and their morale is intact.
 It's also known to the enemy that there are ambush soldiers in a single surprise attack, so even magical attacks begin to be blocked by defensive magic.

 The enemy is powerful with each and every soldier, and our soldiers begin to be pushed.

 In particular, Dan, the enemy general, is doing a tremendous job, and with one swing of his huge halberd, he is crippling several soldiers.

 Leats, who had been watching Dan's exploits.

I'm going to take him down.

 That said, he tries to run his horse.

 It is true that Dan's work is tremendous, and if you defeat him, the enemy's leadership will be quicksilvered and their morale will be demoralized.

 However, it's not good to let Leets die fighting such a strong man. We have to stop this.

Let him go.

 Mireille interrupted from the side.

'If we don't stop him now, I don't know what will happen. I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make it through the trap by force. I'm only a woman, and I don't think I can win against that kind of thing. The only thing I can do is leets.
'You're not a good Lord if you can't trust your vassal's strength.

 Mireille's words echoed a bit in my mind.

 It was not in the vassal's best interest to play it safe.

 Rietz wouldn't be saying that because he didn't think he could win either.

''........Can you beat that guy, Rietz?''
You'll win.

 Leets responded immediately.
 The strength of Dan was probably witnessed by him, but even so, I can't see any fear in Reetz.
 You can see the certainty in his eyes that he will win.

I'm sure you'll be able to find out. Go get his head.
I'm sorry, sir.

 Rietz rode his horse to the front line where Dan was.