120-Episode 120: Battle

 At Ars's command, Reetz drove his horse to the place where the enemy general Dan was.

 The halberd is held in his hand.

 Rietz is not only good at swords and bows, but also at fighting on horseback using long-handled weapons.
 The halberd was one of his favorite weapons in particular.

 Manipulating the horse with dexterity, Rietz headed down to Dan.

 Dan was actively fighting on the front line, wielding a large halberd and cutting down soldiers one after another.

'Ora! Get the hell out of my way! I only want the general's head!

 The only people in the front line were brave, well-trained soldiers, but they were frightened by Dan's spirit.

 Rietz stands in front of Dan and catches the halberd.

 With one swipe, he knew that Dan's power was extraordinary.

 On the contrary, Dan, too, immediately saw the power of Reetz.

 Although Leets has a supple body, his body contains considerable muscle power.

 You can never lose a fight with Dan.

''Ho, I didn't know there were strong men among the Marcas.

 Looking at Rietz, Dan gives him a surprising look.

'What do the Marka's look like on the battlefield of us Meesians?
'I will not talk in vain. I'll give your head to Lord Ars.

 Rietz held his halberd up with a sharp look in his eyes.

'I see you have an unusual lord who has you in his service. Well, if you're strong, you're worthy of being a vassal, whether you're a Marka or a gorilla.

 Dunn matched it and held up his halberd.

"I'm going to tell you the name of the man who's going to kill you. It's Dan Aresto.
It's Leet's Mises.

 After finishing their names, the two men ran their horses and began to slash each other.

 The battle on horseback between the two of them, both of whom were expertly skilled, was a masterpiece.

 Even though they were on horseback, which normally lacked stability and made it difficult for them to control their weapons, they were still able to freely control the halberd.

 In what can only be considered as a single-minded effort, he would dismount his horse at the most effective times and let it fly sideways, trying to avoid attacks or enter the enemy's blind spot to slash at it.

 From the side, the two of them were fighting almost evenly, but it was Dan who had a look of impatience on his face.

 Currently, they were on the defensive and had no way to attack.


 The enemy cavalry, other than Dan, charged at him.

 He dodged the attack without difficulty and took a swipe at the torso with his halberd.

 The distraction of the other soldiers created an opening.
 Dan has no desire to be fair, and he is a man who would kill if he could.
 There is no way he would miss the opportunity. I'm not going to be able to get rid of it.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of it.

 He immediately sensed Dan's attack and came to a position where he couldn't receive it, so he deflected his body and avoided the halberd. At the same time as he evaded, he instantly took out his knife with his left hand and slashed at the spot that he couldn't protect with his small hand.
 Using the speed at which Dan wielded the halberd, he slashed at it as he waited.


 Blood spurted out of Dan's right arm.

 Rietz was convinced that he had inflicted a deep injury from his hand.

 There was no way he could catch his own halberd now.

 He swung his halberd as hard as he could and slashed at Dan.

 I would catch it, but as expected, I couldn't get a grip on my arms, so I dropped the halberd.

 Without a moment's pause, Reetz slashed at Dan's neck with the halberd.

 Dan's head flies up into the air, spattering blood.

 Reetz catches the head.

 Then he holds his head up.

I took out Dan Aresto!

 I shouted so loudly.