121-Episode 121: Complete victory

I took out Dan Aresto!

 Rietz's shout roared across the battlefield.

 Leats is still amazing to cross over that strong-looking general and finally defeat him.

 I was quite worried about it, but it seems that my fears were completely unfounded.

 Anyway, from now on, the enemy will not be able to take control.

 They seem to be very upset that Dan has been defeated.

''Not yet! Take down the enemy in one fell swoop!

 Rietz, who had gone to the front line, shouted that, and roused the soldiers.

 The soldiers at the front, who had been pushed around, regained their momentum and took out the dismayed enemy cavalry one by one.

 Trying their best to regain control of their troops, a sort of second-in-command tried to regain control of the troops, but unfortunately, they didn't seem to have much strength and didn't seem to be doing well.

 Finally, the enemy soldiers, no longer able to withstand the onslaught, scattered and ran away.

 The horses that fled in the direction of the forest were a target for the archers and magicians as they couldn't keep up their speed as there was no proper road and the forest was a good target for them, and they were taken down, while the soldiers that fled behind them were taken down by the Maitreau mercenary group.

 They succeeded in taking out most of the large number of cavalry.

 It was also a great victory in a short period of time.

 Although they had yet to take out the enemy general, the fact that they had defeated the cavalry meant that the enemy had lost a great deal of weapons.

''At this rate, we'll take out the enemy's general as well!

 My prediction was that the other side would flee, but the enemy was advancing to the vicinity of the forest to help the besieged cavalry.

 Their numbers were completely outnumbered by ours, and furthermore, the enemy had destroyed their main cavalry. On top of that, they are trying to rush to reinforce the army, so their formation is not well constructed and they are not ready to fight.

 Victory seemed almost certain.

 The first thing to do was to let the enemy forces know that they had taken Dan's head.

 It seemed that he was quite a well-known person, and the enemy army was shocked.

 Seeing this, the Maitreau mercenary group charged ahead.
 Klamant led the charge with five hundred cavalry, which was not that many, but they struck down the enemy with tremendous strength and wreaked havoc on the enemy forces.

 When Lemeil saw this, he ordered a general attack.

''Take out the head of the enemy general Jean!

 At this point in time, the enemy soldiers are attacked by a large army, and the enemy soldiers are frightened and some of them are deserting.

 But the enemy general Jean doesn't seem to have any intention of pulling out.

'We have no choice but to pull back! Fight!

 They were using sound magic to send instructions flying.

 However, it was clear from everyone's perspective that the enemy was outnumbered.

 Since they were outnumbered and their leadership was broken, and they didn't seem to be able to rebuild, they were able to easily defeat the enemy soldiers.

 The soldiers who came to reinforce us also started to retreat when they were convinced of their defeat.

 Finally, they succeeded in defeating the enemy general, Jean, and the victory of the battle was decided.