122-Episode 122: After Victory

 After defeating the enemy general, we marched to Castle Rolt and took possession of the castle.

 The enemy troops were almost out in force, so there were only a minimum number of men in the castle, and when we told them we had defeated the owner of the castle, they easily surrendered and opened the castle.

 The reason for the fall of Rolt Castle was the presence of Burton's army.

 You will be able to see that you are not the only one who has been attacked by Burton's army.
 Initially, it was said that they would only need to stop the march, but with Burton's army, it would be essential to hold Rolt Castle in check.

 A victory celebration was taking place at Rolt Castle.

 The damage here was not so much in the end, but it could be called a great victory.

 Rietz, who took out the enemy general, was originally viewed somewhat lightly because he was a Marka, but this time he made it known that it was a mistake to take him lightly, so his popularity was increasing.

 On the other hand, those whose sense of anti-discrimination hasn't gone away don't like the fact that Leets has started to be chided.
 We need to make sure we don't let those people hurt Leetu, but... well, Leetu is strong, so it's okay.

'Ars, do you have a minute?'

 As I was watching the celebration in the corner, Roselle spoke to me.
 He's not the type to actively participate in anything noisy, such as a victory party.
 Partly because he's at an age where he can't drink.
 Even in this world, children are not supposed to drink alcohol, you know.

'Everyone's upbeat about winning, but blocking the reinforcements and occupying this castle is not a victory. After all, the main army has to take down Sturt's Castle.
'That's true. If we didn't let reinforcements go, we'd be fine, wouldn't we?
'You're being too optimistic! Anyway, we should have them examine the battle situation right now and send out reinforcements accordingly. Well, if you're in an easygoing mood, I think we should continue to give Burton's army a glare.
'We certainly shouldn't relax too much. If we were able to take down Starz Castle, a messenger from Master Clan would have told us, but we don't seem to have received any such reports. At least at this point in time, there's a good chance that we'll never win or lose.

 Sturt's Castle seems to be called an impregnable castle, and it seems to be a rare mountain castle for the flat-lying Mythian.

 It wouldn't be surprising if they had been attacking it.

 I called up Pham and asked him to check out the battle at Starz Castle.

"Gathering information again. Why don't you let the scouts do that?
You guys are the fastest and most accurate.

 The Shadow not only crafts, but also gathers information and delivers it accurately and quickly. From the point of view of Shadow's abilities, I might be able to entrust him with a more advanced mission, but I need information first and it's better to leave it to him.

Well, I don't mind. I'll take the money.
I know.

 Pham complained a little, but accepted the request.

 The next day, a military council was held, and I told him that I had sent a request to The Shadow to gather information about Starz Castle.

 The policy would be to wait for the results of that meeting for a while, and to be on the lookout for any movement of Burton's army.

 Then, a few days later, the report came from The Shadow.