126-Episode 126: Starts Castle

 Starz Castle, the office.

 Bertsd County Mayor Canses, Thomas, and then Stefan Drucia, the owner of Sturt's Castle, were discussing the war.

'The battle situation isn't too bad,'

 Cances said that after considering the current situation.

''I must say that we're at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, but thanks to Lord Thomas' strategy, we've managed to make the enemy lose a lot of magical water. They may push us with force, but this castle isn't so vulnerable that they can drop us with it.''

 Stefan said confidently.
 He is a strong and large man.
 He has multiple scars on his face, and it can be seen that he has fought many times on the battlefield.

I'm sure the enemy won't be able to attack for a while, but I don't think it's a good idea to underestimate the man called Clan. I don't think they'll just end up getting beaten up like this. Maybe he has some hidden gem.
What's the secret sauce?
This is not definitive information, but I'm getting some reports of a guy who looks like my sister behind enemy lines.
Speaking of your sister, is that Mireille?
That's right. Well, they don't seem to be using it too much, so there's no need to look at it as a threat. If they don't trust you, they won't be able to make use of your abilities.
People used to say that Mireille was a woman of tremendous talent, but she was no match for her brother.
''Even if that guy from Mireille isn't a hidden gem, you can't let your guard down, so we'll get to the enemy's weaknesses here and take it to victory in one fell swoop.

 Kansas looks at Thomas as he says this with a surprised look on his face.

''What weakness does the enemy have that would allow him to win in one fell swoop if you poked him?
Yes. It's Clan himself.

 Hearing Thomas' response, Kansas gave him a dubious look.

'The Clan themselves? I don't want to praise the enemy as much as possible, but I'm sure he's an excellent man. I've fought with him a few times myself.
'It's a weakness because it's excellent, therefore it's a weakness. This battle, originally the Clan itself should be in Sempra and leave the invasion to the vassals. If the Clan dies, it's as good as losing... If he dies, almost all the nobles will go down to Master Basamark. The Clan has a legitimate son, but there are a few nobles who follow an inexperienced legitimate son. It's a big disadvantage, but the Clan is so good that they can't leave this invasion to others, and they're leading it themselves.
'You're going to take out the Clan on the battlefield? Surely it would be best if it could be done so ... but is it possible?
You know the worst thing that could happen to you would be to die, so of course I'll take care of my surroundings. But, you know what, I'll take care of that. There are many ways to kill someone, and I'll try the most probable way.

 Thomas exclaimed confidently.

'You can count on him,'
Yeah, I'm working on a plan to take out the Clan, so the two of you will have to fortify the castle. We don't know if you'll succeed. If you don't, we'll end up fighting in the castle.
Yes, sir.

 Thomas began planning to kill the Klan.