127-Episode 127: Aim of the Enemy

 A letter from the Clan has arrived here at Rolt Castle.

 Lemeil opens the letter and reads the contents.

 The content was a letter about a surprise operation.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea. He praised it as a thankless task.

 It said that our troops might not be enough, so we will lend you some troops, and it also specified where and when the troops will be delivered.

 It also said that we would be attacking Sturtz Castle three days from today, and that we should make a surprise attack in time for that.

 The letter concluded with an order to send a reply if there was any problem, and if there was no problem, to begin action immediately.

'What do you think, gentlemen? Can we start acting immediately?

 Lemayle asks a question.

'I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with this operation. I think we'll need to keep checking the castle for information as we march, though.'

 Rietz said.

 Neither Roselle nor Mireille expressed any particular objection.

 It would take three days to get from Rolt Castle to Starz Castle.
 If the Clan was going to act at the right time to attack, it would be better to set out now.

 The preparations have been made so that we can start acting immediately, even originally.

''Good! We march to Castle Sturtz!

 Lemayle gave the order and we headed out of Rolt Castle to Sturt's Castle.


 Along the way, they were steadily moving toward Sturt's Castle, carefully moving their troops to avoid being distracted by the enemy's movements as much as possible.

 He would also have The Shadow search for movement around Starz Castle.
 If something happened, it would be better if Pham was nearby to change the request to The Shadow, so he let his subordinates do the intelligence work and have them accompany him.

 Along the way, they met up with the soldiers sent by the Clan and their numbers increased.
 This would increase the chances of success in the surprise attack.

 After that, he received a report from The Shadow.
 It was Ben who came to give his report.

''We've observed some strange activity at Starz Castle. It seems that a magic unit has gone out. They have a large catalyst machine and are moving around as unnoticed as possible.
'I hear it's on top of a mountain. I hear it's a mountain where you can see the main force in place. Are they aiming for a surprise attack?

 Are they going to take the Clan forces by surprise here and damage them?

 Roselle asks Ben a question.

'Is that mountain called Mount Torai?
Yes, that's it.
"The only mountain around here is Mount Torai, and that's the only one that gives you a full view of the main force... but it's strange. It's a good idea to hide the infantry or something like that, but the large catalytic converter is too slow and they'll find out while they're advancing to the place where they can reach. ...What do you think you're doing?

 The enemy's aim seemed to be unreadable to Roselle.

'I see. That sounds like the kind of move Thomas' guy would think of.

 Mireille said.

'Do you understand?'
Yeah, he's probably going to kill the Clan.